Written by phoneking

22 Dec 2007

Following on from before - short recap.

Two guys,one of which my girlfriend had a very brief fling with had come to the house about 7 ish last Friday evening,i had just come home about half an hour or so later and found them all sitting in our lounge.Lesley was sitting on the couch with Ronnie (the guy she knew)and Glen was sitting at her feet stroking her lower thighs.

Introductions apart the conversation didnt exactly flow.

The two guys didnt look away from Lesley for one minute.

Ronnie was cuddling up to her on her right,her head tilted back as he nuzzled her neck.Glen the older and fatter of the two was reaching slowly beneath her skirt and up her thighs.She made no attempt to stop him but just smiled at me.I fetched another couple of bottles of wine,opened them and refilled all our glasses. I put some music on and sat slightly apart on Lesleys left side,she reached for my hand which reassured me slightly.

Ronnie first gave Lesley a gently kiss on the lips then they went in to a full snog.Lesleys grip on my hand tightened.

I couldnt take my eyes away,i could see their tongues flicking over each other.I looked down and a smiling Glen had obviously found Lesleys panties as there was much rummaging about going on beneath her skirt.He was now between her legs which she had willingly parted,she slid more towards the edge of the couch,her legs parted and her skirt was raised so that you could see her panties and stocking tops.Glen began kissing her thighs and carressing her stockinged legs.

Ronnie meanwhile asked Lesley to take off her blouse,i helped with her sleeves and she lay back in her bra as Ronnie continued snogging her and gently toying with her breasts.Her hand strayed to my crotch which housed a very hard erection.Harder than i had been for some time.

Glen was lapping at her pussy through her panties,making them wet (or was that Lesley?).I watched in awe as his large hands slipped either side of her panties and began to pull them down.

This then was the point of no return,i think i held my breath.

He pulled them slowly down and off,she parted her thighs even more and looked so very slutty.I had undone my zip and trousers and Lesleys hand quickly found my cock which she began stroking and rubbing the wet tip.

Ronnie had undone his trousers and i watched as a very rigid and red cock was revealed.Lesley broke away from his kissing and let go of my cock.Ronnie knelt up on the couch.His cock looked so hard,Lesley took hold of it at the base,moved closer and i saw her open her mouth and in it went.Ronnie gently held the back of her head and began to slowly fuck Lesleys mouth.She looked so lovely.

Glen was holding Lesleys lips wide apart and feasting on her,slurping and lapping at her wetness.

Glen then stopped and stood up to undress.He was i guess around 17/18 st,had obviously done weight training some time back but now was sporting a weighty body.He showed no embarrassment as he stripped and was soon naked.His cock was average length but very very thick and like Ronnies very red and erect.

He sat back between Lesleys open thighs and slowly inserted a finger in to her pussy,it came out wet,he put it to his lips and licked.I was stroking my cock as he got back between her legs and started licking her anus,something i have only done a few times in our years together.

She seemed to really enjoy this and was panting and groaning as Ronnie was fucking her mouth.

Ronnie took charge of procceedings now and stood to remove his clothes,Glen was still obssessed with both of Lesleys holes,licking from one to the other.I removed the rest of my clothes as Glen,still licking her pussy,inserted a finger deep in to her bum.Amazing.

Then Ronnie gently pulled Lesley to the floor,he lay her on her back,raised her legs high,she was gasping,he rubbed himself between her lips for a second and slowly plunged his erect cock between her shaved pussy lips,i was wanking like crazy and breathing really heavily as was she as i saw him begin to fuck her deep and hard.She held her legs/thighs wide apart for him and i could see her stretched skin around his cock become wetter.

Glen moved to her head and crouched over her lowering his thick cock head towards her mouth.She opened wide and i saw her tongue on the underside of his cock as he slid the end in.This for me was everything i had ever dreamed of.

Ronnie was fucking Lesley really hard now and i could tell she was about to cum.

\"I am gonna fill your cunt with my cum right now my baby\"he said.And he did.I could sense him pumping his sperm deep inside my Lesley.She was wanking Glens cock,one hand stretched around his girth,the other gently pulling on his balls,the end of his cock was at the opening of her lips.She started to cum,Ronnie,sweating,still inside her finishing his pumping.As she shook and was panting Glen let out a groan and erupted a whole load in to Lesleys mouth and over her lips and face.He slid his still pumping cock in to her mouth as she was cumming and they both wanked his penis as they enjoyed the full experience.This had been the point of my ejeculation and i had cum all over my body.

They were both still hard as they removed their wet cocks and i was recovering.Ronnie turned Lesley over on to all fours and moved around to her mouth,he offered her his cock and she swallowed it straight in,kneeling and fucking her mouth.

Glen moved behind her and rubbed his wet cock around both her holes,then plunged it deep in to her pussy. This was only for a few seconds though.He took it out and started to nudge it in to her bum.As wet as it was he couldnt do it and Lesley reached behind her to push it away.

Ronnie took charge again.

He stood up and told Glen to lay down,Glen lay on the carpet and Lesley sat astride him and slowly lowered herself on to his thick cock.She leant forward and Glen began licking and sucking her breasts.I could see Lesleys stretched pussy from behind as he fucked her.Ronnie moved behind her and inserted a finger in to her bum.He bent down and lapped saliva over her bumhole.He gripped his cock and holding her waist he very slowly pushed it in.

Lesley had started to convulse and shake as she came for a second time.Glen was moving very slightly in and out and i guessed wasnt far from cumming himself.

Seconds later Glen said \"Yes,im cumming\" and pumped her pussy full of his spunk.Ronnie was fucking Lesleys arse very carefully.

Glen slid from underneath Lesley and watched with me as Ronnie now began fucking her arse harder.Lesleys orgasm seemed to be ongoing as she took Ronnies cock good and deep.

\"Oh yes,lets go,i am cumming up your girlfriends lovely arse\" he said. And we watched as he did.

I had wanked myself to another finish again and lay in bemusement at what i had just watched.

After recovering and dressing,Ronnie and Glen both left and me and Lesley both lay together naked for the rest of the evening.I even fucked her twice more that night but slowly and with great passion.

I would recomend the experience to anyone unsure of themselves. Super times.Go for it.