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We were only 5 brides, we did try for seven but we were certain five brides would be enough.

We met in a pub two streets from the club, five couples with a plan, kind of naughty. We walked to the club, arriving two hours after it opened. We booked in and the five of us emerged from the changing room in cheap white veils. Our partners followed as we walked all but naked though the club, selecting a man each.

"Fancy fucking a nice fresh bride." I asked a man, pulling his towel off, revealing a hard cock. "Follow me." I never asked his name.

Tony's friend, Liz, offered herself to another man, "Would you like to play?"

We went to the big room with the big bed. We lay on the bed, still with veils over our faces. The men had at us. My man pulling a condom on and fucking me, hard. I could have chosen better.

Another took his place, Simon reminded him to use a condom. I felt him pound me, and I came for the first time. The man continued filling his condom.

Then it was Kevin who knelt and licked my cunt, (Simon reminds me I'm not being dirty enough telling this story.) Kevin has bareback rights. I feel his naked cock enter me, hard and deep. He grinds my cunt and I cum, but that doesn't satisfy him. He continued to fuck me, then I feel him jet into me. He still continued to fuck me, spunk leaking from my cunt. He spurted again, gave me a kiss and moved on. Kevin is normally very attentive, but he had four more cunts to fill. 

Most of the single men left and Tony shut the door. He looked at me and I knew I was his next shag. He started by cleaning me, and not just my cunt. Cum had run down my crack, Simon says men like that word. He rimmed me then returned to my clit. I came and he lifted my legs. I felt his cock penetrate my back hole. Liz reached my hand and squeezed. She doesn't like anal, but I ardour being fucked there. She knew where he was fucking me. She was being fucked by Gary. Tony drained his cock, gave me and Liz a kiss.

Simon looked at my spread legs. "Nicely watered Jane, want another canoe?"

"At least one." 

Simon pushed his delicious cock in deep and I felt stretched again.

"What about the others, you can fuck me anytime." I spoke loud enough for all to hear.

"Save a hard one for  me Simon." June demanded. 

I came twice to Simon's cock in the middle of 6 men fucking 5 brides. 

I wanted more, I bent over Liz and ate her cunt. Gary never miss an opportunity, he started fucking my hole doggy. He was the first one Simon saw me fuck, and the first man I saw Simon fuck.

Anne and Frank left, and it was 5 cocks and 4 cunts. All with bareback rights. We fucked and licked for another hour. I don't know whose tongue had my cunt but I suspect it was all 7, not Liz. Liz loved her cunt licked by women and men but never licked. I was filled in all my holes and covered in cum. When I found my veil, which I lost in the middle of all the fucking, it was stained and torn.

That night was far better than my gangbang.

Written by Jane

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