19 Mar 2019

After a long time we met up with our friends and although we were nervous we drove to the meet excited. My Mrs had a sexy outfit on lovely loose dress with black stockings and suspenders with a matching thong. I rang up and I spoke to Steve who said they were in the bar waiting for us. He told me that his Mrs Helen had a really sexy outfit on and was excited.

In we go and I spot them sat in the corner smiling and they waved at us, We sit down and chat small talk about work, kids and football but as the ladies started to drink more vodka & coke and the more friendly they became. I noticed their hands touching and when Helen laughed she would put her hand on my Mrs legs and then leave it there.

When Steve went to the bar I helped him at the bar he said the girls are getting on well how do you feel. I said nervous but up for some fun. He replied that Helen was horny and had told him that she wanted some fun tonight.

We moved on to another bar around the corner and sat quietly at a table tucked away. Helen and the mrs went to the toilet and me and Steve sat down and I asked Steve do you think the girls are chatting about like we did at the bar?

He said he thought Helen might be trying to get into my Mrs knickers . I smiled and laughed a bit nervously he looked at me and said honestly she will be she is up for it.

Inside a few minutes they are arrived back and looked at us as to say as much. Helen sat in between me and Steve and my Mrs sat in front of us blocking the view.

My Mrs said in a low but sexy voice Helen has some sexy lingerie on. I put my hand under the table and on to her legs and found her stockings I gently stroked her leg and moved up towards her pussy.

We all carried on talking as though nothing was going on in the busy bar. I reached for her pussy and found Steve has his hand there too. We teased her and played with her swollen clit and then I gently started to finger her. Helen was getting wet and turned on she moved slowly to the end of the chair and this allowed Steve to play with her ass.

We continued to tease and finger her wet pussy for around 10 minutes and she was squeezing our cocks too. I picked up my drink with my left hand as my right hand was teasing her pussy.

My mrs suggested that we should go for a walk or a drive out. Helen didn't say a word she just squeezed our cocks and smiled.

We got outside and Steve said can we go in my car as they had had a drink to which I agreed. We got in me driving Steve sat in the front and the girls in the back. Steve suggested I drive down the road for around 5 miles were he knew a quiet spot.

Inside a minute i was looking in the rear view mirror and I could see the girls kissing and playing with each other. Sexy lingerie on view along with tongues and hands all over each other.

This carried on all the way to the spot he told me to drive to and all I could ear was sexy moans and groans. At last I arrived down a small track with no lights and no cars great.

I got out and went in the back my cock was hard really hard . I sat there watching these two gorgeous ladies fingering and eating each other I wanted to take my cock out but allowed Helen to be the boss and direct me.

My mrs took my cock out and slowly played with it teasing slowly dribbling spit on my cock before taking it deep in her mouth. Helen dived in and inside no time I had my Mrs sucking my cock and Helen licking my balls.

Steve just sat there smiling he loved the sight of his wife teasing another guy. Helen asked us to get outside so we ended up on the bonet and Steve and I took in turns eating our wives as they kissed each other. I turned my Mrs over and started to fuck her doggy style as Helen played with her clit.

Steve and Helen soon joined in and both ladies were being fucked hard from behind, with their asses being spanked the noises were so sexy. I stopped and went to the boot I got out a blanket and a piece of thin rope. I placed the blanket on the floor and the ladies joined us on the blanket.

I told Helen to get on all fours and put her head down and her ass up, she had told my Mrs that she liked a bit of rough sex. I lifted Helens hands and put them around her back and tied her hands together whilst Steve was eating her pussy from behind. Soon he was fucking her hard with her hands tied as my Mrs lied under them eating her clit.

Me and Steve swapped places and I fucked her hard really hard. Helen loved it she came time and time again. I looked around and saw Steve fucking my Mrs doggy style until she came really hard. We finished off wanking off until the ladies kissed each other as Steve and I both cum over their them.