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Separated again, Anna is away on her trip, I am away on mine.

I had a few online chats, mostly men, but only one real offer. I was encouraged one man and I did go for a drive, but first he said go to a car park, then redirected me to a house. When the next message was come upstairs the front door is open. I sent a last message saying no thanks. Walking into a strange house like that is not my thing.

I did chat to a woman on line when I got back to the hotel. It seems we have a date on Tuesday.

As for Saturday I hope an early meet in my hotel but I will see, and then a club with or without a lady.

Just as I'm about to lay myself down to sleep Fruity says she is coming to the club with me.


I got my morning text from Anna and I phoned her back. She is flying out in the morning, but told me not to spend all my time with Fruity. I assured her I would only do her in the evening. 

I have not had our invitation to the club yet and I promised Fruity a night there. If it does not arrive I will have to settle for just her.

The man who said he would drop by has not contacted me this morning. It's strange how hard it is to get a meet from those who want to.

Saturday afternoon and I want to be there, but Fruity has not gotten rid of her friend yet. Four hours to kill, been to the museum,  visited the Cider Mill, now a play with my phone and hope someone wants a quickie. I did confirm that my Monday meet was happening.

I picked  Fruity up and we went to the local club. 

I dragged her through the social room to the play rooms. One man followed us. Fruit got two fucks from me and a finger from the man. We did get more later but most were there for something other than sex.

I wore myself out, Fruity is never worn out. 

We left early and got back to her place. Then she kissed me, and I was up again. Her t-shirt came off and I felt her tits. After that more came off and I went in on the sofa. I got back to my hotel about three in the morning, after scaring myself. I had a series of micro sleeps, I should have slept at hers.


I woke late, and called Anna. 

"Are we going to meet her together?" Anna asked.

"I hope so."

"What are your plans for the rest of the week?"

"I have the meeting on Tuesday, a Monday meet and the club Wednesday. The rest of the time working on line, and possibly back to the clients."

"So busy then."

"Wish you were here."

"I know."

Then I went for a workaround town.


Did some work, a meeting, my excuse for being here.

Anna called, she gets the sunshine in hot places, I get soggy Britain. That's life.


The woman who has been asking to meet did not turn up after so many times asking to.

I called Fruity who agreed to stay the night with me. We had dinner and fucked till two in the morning.


My alarm went off at 6.45 and she demanded me again, before I could start work which lasted less than an hour.

We killed a little time sightseeing, then went on to the club. The hot tub was first, then I was ridden by Fruity.

We spent the next six hours milling and shagging. I lost count of Fruity's conquests, my conquest was singular unless you count two guys sucking my cock.

I drove Fruity home and never returned to my hotel. We made love three times and fell asleep.


In the morning I woke first, tried not to move but went to the toilet. When I returned we made love and went out for breakfast.

After breakfast we invited each other back to bed. Fruity cum so easily, I have never known a woman cum as easily.

Fruity enjoys locking her legs around me.

Fruity is going to see her family so the company will be getting some work out of me.


I worked and drove home.

Sally's car was on the drive, but no sign of Sally. I took my laptop in.

"Tony, welcome home." Sally had a plunging neckline.

"What are you doing here Sally?"

"You sound disappointed." Sally kissed me on the cheek.

"Just surprised, how long have you had a key?"

"Anna gave it to me last week. She didn't want you straying. Do you want me to make anything?"

"How about a star?"

"You know that is not my style or yours."

I put my laptop down, we kissed.

"So you're here to stop me straying."

"I am yes."

"Then you better get me to bed, where I'll be safe from temptation."

"I hope not."

We helped each other undress and migrated to the bed.

"Is that all for me?" Sally was referring to my hard cock.

"Till Anna gets back."

"Then we better do something with it."

"I fully intend to." I pushed my cock into her soaking pussy.


"Anna is very thoughtful."

"She is."

I pumped her pussy and buried myself deep and started to grind hard. Then easied back.

"Don't do that you bastard."

"Bastard, you have been around Anna too long."

"Let me cum." Sally demanded moving her hips as much as she could.

I gave her her wish.

"Anna is a bad influence on you." I told Sally.

"I thought you liked that."

"I do, but it's not like you."

"Well, you are a bastard, get me to that point and holding off."

"Poor Sally."

I started to move again.

Taking my time to fill her and enjoying her pleasure.

Written by Tony

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