Written by Joe

10 Mar 2019

I’m Joe I am 57 .

My wife Moira is 52 yr old redhead

We always had a very good sex life and now that the kids have flown the nest we have become more adventurers and enjoy porn , and a little BDSM .

We have often talked about swapping but never took it any further !

A couple of months ago Moire told me that her friend at work Barbara

had told her she and her partner Tony had tried it a couple of times and enjoyed it.

Barbara had suggested we try a soft swap first to see how we felt.

I was quiet intrigued by the idea but a little unsure and said to my wife but who would we do it with?

Moira replied well Babara said they would join us if we were up for it?

We didn’t discuss it any further for another week until during sex I was teasing Moira and she confessed she was quite turned on by the idea!

Anyway it was decided that Barbara and Tony would come around for dinner the following Saturday to discuss it further !

I had only met them once before at a function

Barbara and Tony are both 55

Barbara is a busty brunette about a size 14 and Tony is a big guy over

6 ft and muscular .

They both seem very nice and friendly and Moira has worked with Barbara for years.

On the Saturday after dinner I suggested toTony that we go around the corner to the local pub for a quick pint while the girls chatted.

Tony readly agreed .

We returned about a hour later to find the ladies had consumed a couple of bottles of wine and were quite merry !

I opened another bottle of wine

After a while I suggested a game of cards and we had a few games of black jack .

Barbara wasn’t very good at it and Tony winked at me and jocked that she was even worse at strip poker!

He suggested we all had a game of it!

The ladies protested but eventually agreed!

Soon both wives were topless and Barbara like Moira has lovely large


Tony definitely seems to appreciate my wife’s boobs as he was now only in his boxers with a

very evident erection !

He lost the next game and whipped off his boxers and his cock sprang to life !

He was a big guy with a dick to match !

He said to Barbara you need to help me out Babs !

She reached over and started to wank him and was soon on her knees giving him a blow job !

I had my hand in my wife’s knickers fingering were wet pussy as she watched her friend in action!

I whisperd to her why don’t you give Barbara a hand you know you want to !

Moira hesitated but I ushered her to join in.

Moors kneeled down beside Babs who offered her Tony’s big cock!

Tony lay back with a huge grin on his face as both women took it in turn to suck him.

I reached over and pulled my wife’s knickers down and did the same to Barbara who didn’t protest !

I sat back and played with my dick as I viewed their lovely bare asses and ripe pussies as the continue on their knees sucking off Tony !

Tony jestured for me to join in and I

keeled behind them and started to finger both women’s pussys .

They both wriggled and moaned

as their juices ran down my fingers .

Babara reached behind and grabbed my cock and said I need this in me .

I slid my cock deep inside her wet pussy and began fucking her.

Tony got my wife to straddle him on the armchair and she moaned loudly as she lowered herself on to his big cock.

Babs was a great and very vocal fuck as I layed her on the carpet

My wife Moira was also clearly enjoying herself by her moans and expletives and her large tits bounced as she rode Tony cowgirl style !

After Tony and I shot our loads into each other’s wife the women headed for the shower as we had more wine to recover and a viagra each .

We heard our wives giggling in the bedroom after their shower and found them wrapped in towels sitting on the bed .

We soon had them towelless. and spread eagled as we ate pussy.

This. led to more fucking and sucking until we all collapsed in the bed .

Next morning after breakfast Barbara and Tony left and we all agreed to be their guests for dinner in a few weeks and we can guess what desert will be !

The end for now?

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