Written by Martin W.

30 Aug 2019

I worked at an International bank in London, one of the men that I work with is Juha who is from Finland, over the years my wife (Steph) and I became good friends with Juha and his wife and we would often go to each others homes for dinner. Most years they would take a months holiday in July and go back home to Finland. Last year he told me that instead of going to Finland they were going to Thailand and he suggested that Steph and I might like to use their summer cottage for our own holiday. Juha explained that many Finns owned summer cottage in the forests. He showed me a set of photographs of his cottage which looked like a large log cabin on the banks of a small lake. I asked Steph what she thought of the idea of a week living in a log cabin in the wilds of Finland and straight away she told me to accept Juha's offer.

Steph is 31 and I am 33, we had been married for eight years and our sex life was starting to get stale, we had even started to talk about the possibility of getting into the swinging scene. We had researched some information about some swingers clubs in London but neither of us had taken the courage to actually go along. We thought that a week on our own would be like another honeymoon. Little did we know what was in store for us both.

In the middle of July we flew to Helsinki, collected a hire car and drove for about two hours north, following Juha's comprehensive instructions we found the tiny dirt track off the main road into the forest and after driving for about two hundred yards we reached the cottage. We were delighted with the cottage, it had a large bedroom, a well equipped kitchen and bathroom and a large lounge. Outside there was a separate sauna and a small boat with a selection of fishing tackle parked alongside a jetty jutting out into the lake.

Even though it was close to midnight, there was still a lot of light, we were both tired and we went straight to bed. The next morning Steph and I took a shower together then returned to bed for sex for the next couple of hours. Later that afternoon we drove into the nearest town to look for a supermarket to stock up with food and drinks. When we returned to the cottage we saw that there was a car parked alongside the other cottage about fifty yards away from ours and a couple were sitting at a table in the middle of the lawn having coffee.

They came over to us and introduced themselves as Jarri and Rita, they said that Juha had told them that we would be staying in the cottage. They were a good looking couple , Jarri was tall and blond haired while Rita was shorter and busty with long dark hair and we thought that they were about five or six years older than us and both spoke very good english. They said that they had a side of salmon and asked if we would like to join them for dinner that evening, we accepted and I said that we would supply the wine and beers.

We went for a walk in the sunshine to explore the forest around the cottage and Steph was delighted to watch the red squirrels in the silver birch trees. We got changed before we joined Jarri and Rita, because it was still very warm Steph was just wearing shorts and a tee shirt, she has quite small tits but her nipples are always hard and clearly visible through the thin material, which I always find very sexy.

The four of us sat around the table talking and drinking while waiting for the salmon to cook on the barbecue, Jarri told us that everything would be ready in about twenty minutes, Rita said that she was going go for a quick swim before eating. She went back into their cottage and came back out a few minutes later. She walked by the table holding a large towel but she was stark naked, as I thought her tits were spectacular, she also had a small neat patch of dark hair between her legs. For many years Steph had shaved off her pubic hair. We watched as Rita dove off the jetty and swam to a pontoon in the lake then turned and swam back, she climbed out of the water and wrapped the towel around her waist but left her tits exposed. She sat at the table opposite me as Jarri brought the salmon and salad to the table.

We did drink quite a lot during the meal and all of us were slowly starting to get pissed, at one point Jarri poured some cold beer onto Rita's breast and bent down to lick it off her nipple. Rita was laughing and said that it was not fair that I could see her breast but Jarri had nothing to look at, Steph looked at me and with a grin she lifted her tee shirt up and pulled it over her head. The three of us clapped and cheered as she threw the tee shirt behind her. Not long after Steph said that she needed to go to sleep,as I helped her to get to her feet, Jarri and Rita came around to us, Rita put her arms around my neck and kissed me on both cheeks and said goodnight I could clearly feel the warmth of her soft naked breasts through my shirt. Steph went to Jarri and gave him a hug which I thought lasted a long time, I also noticed that Jarri gave Steph's arse a firm squeeze before she stepped away from him.

I helped Steph stagger back to our cottage, as soon as we closed the door she pulled me into the bedroom and threw herself onto the bed pushing her shorts and knickers down telling me to hurry up and fuck her. I tore my clothes off and seconds later I was laying between her legs and my cock was inside her, Steph had an orgasm very quickly but the drink was slowing me down, Steph realised this and told me to imagine that it was Rita with the big tits and hairy twat that I had been staring at all evening that I was fucking. That image certainly worked and I flooded her pussy with my semen. I rolled off her and the next thing I remember was waking up the next morning with the both of us still naked with not even a sheet covering us. I went for a shower and Steph was stirring when I came back into the bedroom. I told her that we needed to have a serious talk over breakfast about where the situation with Jarri and Rita was heading. As Steph walked naked to the shower she smiled and said that she thought that we both knew what was likely to happen in the next few days.....

Part 2 will follow soon.