Written by Will W.

4 Jul 2016

Julie and I stood in one of the bathrooms of the cabana house exchanging notes. The short of it was that we felt John wanted to watch his girl with another man and Jennifer wanted to be with another man, but she was not terribly keen about John watching her at that time. “I think she’s a little shy,” my wife said. We formulated a plan and then went to talk with them.

As we exited the bathroom, we saw Jenn and John sitting across the table in the room talking. They were both still naked but wrapped in blankets. “OK,” I clapped my hands together. “I am going to ask both of you some questions. How you answer them determines how far we go with this tonight. Are you in?” Both said yes.

“First, do you both want to swap partners with Julie and me?” Two yesses. “Good, next question. Do you want to be in the same room with each other when we swap or shall we break off to separate rooms?” John quickly said same while Jenn hesitated and replied, “Separate.”

“That’s as far as we go then. It’s settled, we will break off and head to separate rooms.” John looked disappointed. “Don’t worry, buddy,” I winked at him, “You have to start somewhere.”

Julie took John’s hand and started leading him to the other bedroom of the cabana house. I closed the blinds making sure no one from the outside would be watching. Then I made sure the door to our bedroom was cracked. Jenn was still seated at the table and I took the seat across from her that John had vacated. I stared at her for a brief second. She looked really nervous. “You don’t have to go through with this,” I assured her.

“I want to,” she replied. “I really need this.”

I looked at her again and saw the radiant beauty that had captivated me all day. Her long, blonde, curly hair….deep blue eyes I could lose myself in for hours…..red pouty lips and a contagious smile that made her mouth appear delicious…..her large, natural breasts and full, round bottom that caught my eye so often over the last few hours. She was definitely my type, which made her dangerous. She was also less than half my age, which meant I was violating some natural law by coupling with her…..at least in my own mind. I was fucking women before she was born. It was hard for me to capture that thought. I don’t see myself as old, but I am sure these kids did. Not to toot my horn too much, but I am a good looking guy. True, I am a bit overweight, but I can still catch the eyes of many women, especially when I turn on my charm. I could tell Jennifer liked me. If she didn’t, I would not be sitting where I was right now.

But was in a high pressure situation here. I had a fragile young girl sitting across from me. She had only been with one guy all of her sexual life and he was not getting her where she needed to be. Now, if I am to be honest, part of it was her fault too. It takes two to tango. But in the next hour or so, her sex partners would double, and if I fucked this up, she would probably spend the better part of the next few years thinking that sex wasn’t that wonderful……at least until John rang the bell once or twice or she found someone else to do it for him. As her second, I wanted it to be special. I had to be on my A game.

I also needed it to be good for me. Truth be told, I had not been with another woman for 9 years when Julie and I started dating exclusively. All these years she had been enough. True, I had somehow tapped into her childhood daddy abandonment issue that triggered a hypersexual nature in her and a need to fuck other men, but in all this time with all those guys I never once thought about sleeping with another woman……that is until I saw Jennifer. I needed this too. I needed to know that I was still appealing to the opposite sex. My wife had found a new hobby of sleeping with other men and informing me (as well as them) that THEY were sexy…..that THEY were strong…...that THEY were exactly what she needed at that time…..that THEY and only THEY (not her husband) could give her what she truly desired. Look, I know my wife well enough to know that some of her antics were for show…..but a lot of it wasn’t. She was enjoying her new found sexuality and honestly, so was I………but I needed tonight. I really needed to be someone’s special person if just for one more time. This had better fucking go well for both our sakes, I thought.

I looked at Jenn again and smiled, “Are you sure?”

She smiled back, “Yes.”

“Ok, then. Look, if you change your mind all you need do is let me know and I will stop. I promise.” I tried to sound comforting.

“Sounds good. Same goes for you,” she winked at me. No fucking chance I am going to want to stop. Not in a million years.

The plan was in place and the clock was running but I knew I had some time to kill. I stood up, stretched out my hand as said, “Come with me, milady.” Jennifer extended her hand and I took it in mine and kissed it. Then I took her into the bathroom where I started the shower.

These cabana houses have really nice showers, big walk-in ones with three shower heads that hit you from different angles. I got the water to a decent temperature and then brought Jennifer into the shower. Slowly and skillfully I washed her neck, shoulders, arms, and hands while standing from behind. As she got used to my touch, she leaned back against me and my cock wedged itself between those beautiful asscheeks of hers. Upon finishing her hands, I moved my soapy hands slowly back up the arms and ran them ever so gently across her large breasts. Her nipples where hard and she began panting a little bit, pushing her ass back harder against my hardening member. I let my left hand slip down off of her tit and washed her stomach, then the outer part of her vagina. She began to let out a little moan and turned her head back to kiss me. As those pouty red lips touched mine, my knees grew week. What a great fucking kisser, where the fuck does the problem lie? I separated from her just a little bit and brought my right hand down to soap her perfect round ass and crack. Then I knelt in front of her and washed the backs of her legs, then I turned her around and brought each foot up to my chest, resting it there while I washed each one. Then the front part of the legs, then again with the outside of her vagina. I could tell Jennifer was enjoying this. “Hand me the showerhead, please,” I asked her in my deep, husky, gonna get laid voice. She complied and I began to wash her off, spending a considerable amount of time letting the water jets hit her pussy and clitoris. I steadied herself on my shoulders and then it happened. I felt her tense up for just a few seconds. She bit her lip, moaned the softest little moan, and then relaxed. I stood up and replaced the shower head. Then Jenn threw her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately.

When we broke again, she took the soap and lathered up her hands. She washed my chest and arms quickly and then knelt in the shower while she manipulated my cock and balls in an expert manner. She wrapped her right hand around me and began washing my ass as well while she stroked my slippery, soapy cock with her left. After a minute or so, she grabbed the showerhead and washed me off. Then she kissed the head of my dick, then my shaft, then each of my testicles. She then wrapped her left hand around my cock and brought it up to her mouth. She took me into her mouth while swirling her tongue along the underside of my cockhead. “Fuck that’s nice,” was all I could get out. I knew that move. That was Julie’s signature move. I believe that over the years each of us develop moves that define our sexuality. Julie’s was the tongue swirl and now her protégé was using it on me. Jenn stopped for a minute and took each of my balls into her mouth, sucking slightly while bathing them with her tongue. (Julie had never done that!) It was making me groan louder. Then she went back to sucking me off, working up a good spit so that her blow job would sound wet and sloppy. (Apparently somebody had the blueprint to how I like to have my dick sucked.) She hastened her pace, then grabbed my ass and shove my cock as far as she could down my throat, taking in a good three quarters of it before she brought it out, grabbed it and started stroking it rapidly. After catching her breath and building up more spit, Jennifer popped my head back in her mouth, swirled her tongue and sucked me all the while jacking me off. With her right hand she cupped my balls. I was becoming more vocal as I neared my orgasm. Jenn sensed this and dropped my balls with her right hand and shoved her finger all the way up my ass in one swift move. “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! FFFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK ME!” I unleashed my load into the young girl’s mouth and as I did, she grabbed my ass again and drew my cock as far in as it would go as she began a series of swallows. It felt fucking fantastic. When I had finished, Jenn stood up, turned the shower off and stood there looking at me. She was a vision of splendor and lust. This young goddess, dripping in my shower, looking at me like I have not been looked at in years. It was exhilarating.

“Did you like that?” she asked shyly.

“Did I…..Did I like it???? Hell no, Jenn I LOVED IT! That was amazing!” She blushed and looked at her feet. “But I have to ask, did you get any tips from Julie?”

“Yes,” she said sheepishly, “Most of that was her coaching except…”

“The finger,” I responded. I think I had just been party to Jennifer’s signature move.

“Yep,” she blushed again. “Was it ok that I did that?”

“Jennifer, don’t ever stop doing that unless someone asks you to. That was the best blow job I have ever had. Honest. You are a fantastic cock sucker.” Well that wasn’t quite the way I wanted to put it but Jenn seemed ok with it. She even smiled and thanked me for the compliment.

I moved over to her and kissed her, then picked her up and brought her into the bedroom, letting her grab two towels on the way out. I set her on the bed and then knelt beside her, taking both hands in mine I said, “Jenn, I want you to listen to me for the next few minutes. I don’t know what you have been through in your life, but I want you to know that you are by far the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. You have to believe me.”

“Aside from Julie, you mean?”

“Aside from Julie, you’re right,” I lied to her, “But you really are strikingly beautiful. Even more so than your friends.” She looked away. “Look at me. It’s true. Do you believe me?”

She looked down at her feet and began to close her posture, “No. No, I don’t.”

I kissed her lightly on her lips, “Well you need to. If you accept the fact that you are indeed beautiful, it will unlock your confidence. Confidence is a good thing to have, both in your professional life and in the bedroom. You have to believe me. Do you?”

“I know that confidence helps, but there is no way I am as pretty as Christy and Sara. No way I will believe that.”

“Jenn, you are not as pretty, you are much prettier. Let me show you how I know this.” I stood her up in front of me, then stood up myself. “The first thing I noticed when I looked into your face were your eyes. They are a shade of blue that most women would die for. They are strikingly beautiful. All night tonight, I have longed for you to look at me so that I could see them clearly. I could get lost in those eyes for a lifetime.” Jenn blushed a little and smiled, looking down at her feet. “You have the cutest little button nose. It complements your face perfectly. Your two friends have big snozzes.” She laughed. “IT’S TRUE!” I laughed a little myself, “but that’s not all, you have high cheek bones that make your face look lean, not fat like theirs.”

She giggled, “Now I know you’re full of shit.”

“Not true. I am being totally serious.” I could tell she was liking it, so I pressed on. “But the thing I love most about you, Jenn, besides your eyes are your lips. I LOVE those lips. I want to kiss those lips for hours, feel them lock up with mine. Your lips hold my focus when you speak. I want to hear every word they have to say. I think I would do just about anything you told me to do if you looked me straight in the eyes and just spoke to me in that sexy voice you have. You have that much power over me……over most guys once you learn how to use it.”

“Well you haven’t said anything about my hair yet,” she said jokingly, “I suppose you love my hair as well?”

“No, your hair’s shit really.” We both busted out laughing, “But I know this gal back home that can take care of that.” I ran my fingers through her curls and kissed her. “Damn you are a fucking great kisser.” She blushed again.

“Now where was I? Oh, yes, your arms, shoulders and legs. When I look at your body, I see a picture perfect athlete. You are strong, Jenn, which tells me that I had better respect you. You don’t take shit from anybody, and if anybody tries, you can defend yourself. I know that in the throes of passion, you could hand back to me almost as much as I give to you. This is a big turn on for a lot of men. Not all guys want a passive woman all the time. Sometimes it’s nice to be controlled. Looking at your arms, I know you could accomplish this easy.” I kissed her again and got back down on my knees, “And your breasts,” I kissed each one and took her nipples between my teeth, “Your breasts are perfect. They are exactly the right size for your body. Not too big, not too small. I could spend hours just staring at them and never grow tired. They hang just enough to give men fits, and when you wear low cut shirts like the one you had on briefly tonight,” She laughed again, “they drive every man in the room crazy.”

She looked at me down on my knees and asked me, “Why are you doing this?”

“Because you need to know what you do to me…..what you do to John……what you could do to just about any man you wanted. You, my love, are truly one in a million…..and I want you not only to know that I feel that way…..I want you to believe that it’s true.” Jenn bent down and gave me a long kiss.

“Now back to you. This ass, this ass is fantastic!” I said. I turned her around.

“I know you like my ass. I caught you staring at it a lot when we were at the beach,” She looked back at me with those beautiful blue eyes.

“Ah, you caught that did you?” I blushed a little, “Well truth be told, Jenn, this is an ass that could start wars. It is a little known fact that Helen of Troy had a fantastic ass. That’s why the problems started. It wasn’t her face.” Jenn laughed her infectious laugh. “And your ass,” I stopped and marveled at it, “your ass is perfect. Did you know that the heart we draw signifying love is shaped after a woman’s ass. It’s true. It’s just upside down. The bottom tip is right here,” I put two fingers over her tailbone, “And it runs around the sides,” I traced my fingers slowly around the side of her hips, “all the way to the top.” My fingers traced up under the lower aspect of her cheeks until they met again in the middle, right at the lower aspect of her crack. I could feel Jenn shuddering a little as I touched her body. “The greatest part of your ass, Jenn, are the creases. Now I’m not talking about the crack. I’m talking about this,” I touched the bottom of the right cheek again, tracing my fingers over the crease of her ass where it began to sag ever so slightly, “and this,” I touched her left crease. “Fact is, I love this ass. It is the best I have ever seen.” I began to kiss her ass, starting up by the superior crack around the tailbone, then down the left cheek into her crease, then up the right cheek. Every few inches I would stop and kiss her. Lastly, I grabbed each cheek with my hands and pried them apart, kissing her asshole. Jenn let out a little moan and bent over, laying her upper torso on the bed. My cellphone beeped at me. It was time.

“Do you like that,” I asked her as I continued tonguing her ass.

“Yes,” she whispered softly.

“Then it’s ok to let me know that. Men like a confidant woman who knows what she likes and is not afraid to say it.” I continued to lick her while bringing my fingers up to her pussy. I rubbed her for a minute before inserting one finger. She was wet. I stuck my tongue out, up against her anal sphincter and pushed as hard as I could. She was tight but managed to get in just a little. “Do you like me tonguing your asshole?”

“Yes,” she panted.”

“I can’t hear you back here.”

“YES! I fucking love it. Don’t stop. Please.” Now we’re getting somewhere, I thought to myself. I peered over at the door, which was a little more open than I had left it, and saw two faces peeking in. John and Julie were in place. John was going to get his wish after all. He was going to see his girl fuck another man.

I kissed and played with Jennifer’s ass for a few more minutes, all the while fingering her pussy. She was getting worked up. Then I broke from her and we both stood, facing each other. She threw her arms around me and kissed me passionately. I reached down and cupped her ass with my left hand. I wanted John to see my hand on his girl’s ass. That has always been a turn on for me.

Then Jenn dropped to her knees and started sucking me off. Just like in the bathroom, she was aggressive, sloppy and noisy. She took my balls in her mouth again and I let out an audible gasp. “Damn, Jenn, you do that well. You sure know how to suck cock.” I glanced at the doorway wondering how John was taking all of this. After a minute or two Jenn stopped sucking me and guided me in between those beautiful large breasts of hers. I had just enough spit on my dick to make it work. Then Jenn surprised me. “Does that feel good, baby? Do you like fucking my tits?” Wha-WHAT? Hi, my name’s Will. Who the hell are you and what have you done with Jennifer? “Yeyess,” I stuttered, “It feels fucking great.” I had to stand her up quickly though or I was going to cum and end this show prematurely.

I kissed Jenn again and picked her up, laying her on the bed. I made sure that I walked to the opposite side of the bed so that John could see me carrying his girl around while we kissed passionately. That side was also closer to the door for their viewing pleasure.

Jenn laid back on the bed and I lay next to her. We kissed while I caressed her breasts and lightly pinched her nipples. Then I broke from those beautify pouty lips and moved to her neck, first the right then the left, licking and kissing ever so lightly…….then down to her breasts, taking each nipple into my mouth, sucking and biting lightly……then a trail of kisses down her abdomen to her belly button…….then over to the left thigh…..down the leg to the knee…..then back up the inside of the leg right up to the edge of her vagina….then over the the right thigh…..down to the knee (I was running out of saliva)…..then back up the inside of the right thigh. This time, I did not ignore the prize.

Jenn jerked and grabbed the sheets when I touched her pussy with my lips. I was not going to do this quickly. Not only was this a show for our onlookers, but this was a coupling of a lifetime for me and I was not going to spoil it by getting over-excited. I kissed her pussy up and down the slit ever so lightly. Then I began licking. I used my left hand to part her outer lips and glided my tongue up and down the inner aspects of her womanhood. Jenn began to moan, I imagine louder than she ever had in her life. It was time for the fingers. I started with one, inserting half way while I made little circles with it. Now the tongue focused on her clitoris…..first up and down, then side to side……then two fingers in and out…..circles back and forth…..then in and out, slowly picking up my pace and force. It did not take Jennifer long to start shaking and thrusting her pussy into my face and fingers. Then she began to become more vocal, “Uh, Uh, UH, yeah, yeah, yeah, Yeah, Yeah, YEAH, YEAH, AWE, FUCK, YEAH, OH, WILL, YOU EAT ME SO WELL! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” As she drew closer to orgasm, it was time for her to experience my signature move, I sat up and grabbed her by both hips and picked her up to my face, ramming my tongue into her vagina as I tongue fucked her passionately, her leg splaying about wildly as she screamed, “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH! OH! FUCK YEAH! FUCK YEAH! YOU’RE SO GOOD! YOU’RE SO FUCKING GOOD, WILL! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD!”

When I felt like she was ready, I dropped her to down to the bed and moved into position. I bent down over her and kissed her mouth. “How are you doing, beautiful?”

Jennifer looked up at me, “That was the greatest orgasm of my life. Oh my God you are so good at going down.”

“Jenn, I am most certain that that was the first of many, many mind shattering orgasms you’re going to have in your life. I might have helped get you there, but baby, most of that was all you. Your attitude and confidence in bed will assure that you can get there almost every time…..with the right partner of course. You ready?”

“You fucking bet I’m ready.” I positioned myself with my cock at her entrance. Reaching down with my right hand, I grabbed my shaft and ran my head up and down her pussy. Jennifer began moaning again and thrust her pussy up each time I was midway, trying to impale herself on my dick. After a few seconds of teasing, I gave her just the head….in and out….in and out….then a little bit more….in and out. When I was half in, Jenn lost patience with me, grabbed my ass and thrust her hips upwards, engulfing my cock to the hilt. “YESSSSSSSSSSSS!” she cried as she felt me fill her completely. I started to thrust in and out, slowly picking up the pace. Jenn met me thrust for thrust, sometimes raising her ass off the bed, “YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH! OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK! YEAH! YEAH! AWE! AWE FUCK!” After a little while she started talking more, “Fuck me, Will! Fuck me with that big dick! Awe, Awe, Awe, Awe, Yeah, Yeah, Fuck, FUCK! POUND ME WITH THAT BIG COCK! OH, SHIT YEAH! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I….FUCK…..I NEVER…..FUCK…..IT’S NEVER FELT THIS GOOD BEFORE! FUCK! FUCK YEAH!” I kept her in missionary for a while longer, then rolled over so that she was on top of me. She sat straight up on me, taking my cock all the way into her pussy. “OH FUCK! OH FUCK YOU’RE SO DEEP! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! OH THIS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! SHITSHITSHITSHITSHITYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH!” She rode me hard, thrashing around on top of me like a wild woman.

I let this go on a while before asking her to turn around. “Let me see your perfect ass in action.” This was a win-win for both of us because I got to watch her ass colliding with me every time she came down and Jenn discovered the mirror in the room. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I CAN SEE US IN THE MIRROR! I CAN SEE YOUR DICK GOING INTO ME! FUCK THIS IS SO HOT! I SEE YOUR BALLS BOUNCING UP ON MY CLIT! FUCK!” She tensed up and came again, screaming bloody murder. She continued to bounce herself up and down on me like a frog, no apparent end in sight. She was sweating but showed no signs of fatigue. You gotta love athletes.

I could have stayed this way for the rest of the night. I was in heaven. Jenn’s perfect ass was in my field of vision, waves flowing across her ass cheeks with every impact her pelvis made with mine. I turned to my right side and Jenn fell to the bed. I lifted her left leg up and thrust into her with both of us on our sides. Then I had her get up on all fours facing the head of the bed. I looked over at the door. Julie and John looked to be enjoying the show, but John was looking a little green. I know that feeling, the feeling of jealousy and lust colliding in his loins at this very minute. He asked for it. I winked at him, then lining my cock up with Jenn’s glorious pussy, I grabbed her hips and thrust all the way into her. She was still sopping wet. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she was fluctuating between guttural moans, groans and speech, sometimes decipherable, sometimes not.

“Reach down and play with your pussy!” Jenn complied and it wasn’t long before she built herself close to climax. Now it was time to return the favor from the shower. I took my left thumb, stuck it in my mouth and then jammed it into her asshole…..HARD. Jenn’s muscles all contracted at once and she blasted into another powerful orgasm. I could feel her pussy clamp down on my dick. "OHHHHHH FUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK! I’M CUMMING AGAIN SO FUCKING HARD! FUCK!”

I couldn’t resist myself, “Who’s your daddy?”

“You are, baby!”

I took a page out of Andre’s book, “Who’s pussy is this?”

“It’s yours. It’s all yours, baby! Fuck! Fuck! Keep giving me that long, hard dick!” That was all it took for me. I gripped her hips hard and jammed my cock in as far as I could. The force sent Jennifer up into the pillows on the bed.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH FUCK!” I unleashed volley after volley of thick cum into her pussy. When I was done, I didn’t want to pull out so I laid there on top of her as I softened. Then I had an idea. I pushed myself up and pulled her hips up so that I was still inside her.

“You want more stud?” Jennifer seemed pleased. I began moving in and out of her in little strokes as I looked back at the door motioning for John to come over here. Jennifer was lying on the bed, eyes closed and moaning as she played with herself. I looked at John and then looked at Jenn. Then I backed out of her and quickly got off the bed.

“Are you stopping?” Jenn started to look up but John got in place and grabbed her hips rather quickly. At the same time I replied, “No, baby, I’m just getting started.”

Now it was John’s turn to fuck his girl. I backed off to the mirror and watched him take her. There was an urgency about him as he gripped her waist and pounded into her. She began to moan again loudly and continued to play with herself. I moved over a little and watched her large breasts swaying back and forth with each collision. I again admired her perfect ass jiggling every time John drove into her. I think it was a few seconds after that that she realized it wasn’t me behind her any more. She glanced back and then flipped over. “Hey, baby. Did you like what you saw? Did you like watching Will fuck me?” John nodded at her and then began driving into her again. It did not take him long to cum at all.

I looked over at the empty door and did not see my wife. I walked across to the other bedroom and found her lying in the bed. “I think our work here is done,” I told her as I crawled in next to her.

“Will, you were magnificent tonight.” She kissed me on my lips and I spooned her, nestling my cock between her asscheeks. It did not take me long to get hard again. Now it was my turn to sleep with my wife.

The next morning, Julie and I woke up to the sounds of John and Jennifer fucking in the next room. “Not a bad way to wake up in the morning,” I said looking at my beautiful wife, “Let’s go take a shower together.”