7 Apr 2016

L knows tonight is it. He has something planned. A surprise. Not quite sure what. Butterflies, definitely. Trepidation, maybe. But she trusts him.

He can't stop smiling - she notices this the minute she walks in the door. It's a knowing smile. Intriguing yet re-assuring.

Hug. Kiss. And a glass of ready on the table. "Ready ?" he asks, still smiling. She nods. No time to back out now.

"Bedroom" he says, pointing. She laughs and heads out of the kitchen. She looks behind but he's still stood back against the sink. "Just you" he says waving her on.


What has he got planned ? This is different.

Now there's definitely trepidation as she gets to the shut bedroom door. Her breathing quickens. Their pillow talk, so varied, so erotic, might be ... could it ? Now ? Tonight ? Surely not.

Phew - it's a relief to see that the bedroom is empty. No BBC then ! Oh well.

Her eyes are drawn to the bed. Parcel. Ribbon. Wonder what.

She feels it. Not solid. Feels like clothes.

And then it's open.

Black. Oooh. Leather. New. Never owned or worn that before. But feels sexy.

It's a two piece she discovers. Oh right. Skirt and halter top.

She catches her breath. She is surprised at the frisson of excitement she feels. What will it look like on ? What will it feel like ?

Quickly she steps out of her work clothes. And unlike her throws them on the chair. Looks like wearing stockings to work was a good idea after all.

First the top. Slides over her head. Pulls down to hug the curves of her body. Fits perfectly. He knows her sizes well. Her hands. Ain't help wandering down over the material. God it feels good. Wow. But she resists looking in their mirror.

The skirt next. Godit looks tight. But fits perfectly. Hugging her thighs. And wow, her ass. Never looked so pert and round. Again her hands can't help themselves.

Now she affords herself a look in the mirror. And sees herself as she's never seen herself before. She bunches her hair up. Even she knows how sexy she looks. She feels it. She feels special. Sexy. Smouldering. Ready.

Her eyes are almost glued to her reflection in the mirror. Me, L, like this. She notices her breathing has become heavy. God she feels sexy.

Husband's knock on the door brings her back to the present.

"Do you like your outfit ?

"Can I come in ?"

She can almost a tremor in his voice.

"Yes. Yes"

Not sure why but she feels no self-consciousness even though this is different. She's never dressed like this before. Ever.

Even years later she will never forget the look on her husband's face as he entered the room. Eyes widened so obviously. Mouth went wide open. Taking in how beautiful and sexy his wife looked. "Wow" was the only thing he seemed capable of saying. He just stands there, drinking in the sight.

"Turn around"

She hears him gasp audibly. It makes her feel even sexier. But turns round to face him to gaze at his very obvious lust.

He puts something down on the bed. And smiles. "Not yet" he says managing to smile again as he spots her looking to see exactly what it is.

"First, I want to take some pictures of you. God you look sexy."

And for the next ten minutes he takes a hundred different photos of L in a hundred different t poses and positions. Sitting. Kneeling. Bent over the bed. Prone on the bed. Cleavage bound by leather. Skirt hitched up showing a hint of suspender. Again no feelings of self-consciousness for L. She feels sexy. And capable of anything.

"Last one" he says. "Stand facing me. Legs apart stretching that skirt. Hands on hips. Wanting me"

"Oh I do" L manages to say. He smiles. And clicks away.

He then reaches over to bed the bed. And picks it up. He walks behind her.

"That was part 1" he whispers in her ear. "You ready for part 2 ?"

"You sure ?"

And before she can nod or say anything, she sees something in front of her eyes. And then nothing. A blindfold. It feels soft against her face.

"Welcome to part 2" he gasps into her ear. "We're going to enjoy this together"

As he guides her hand gently behind her to feel his crutch. L gasps. He's as turned on as me. She grabs greedily as his hands feel her leather clad ass. Mmmm as he gently spanks it.

"Sure you are ready ?" She gasps her agreement. God she feels she could do anything at this moment. Such is the lust building inside her.

His hand takes her hand. He tells her to trust him. And guides her towards the door of the bedroom. She recognises the turn to the right. Must be headed to the second bedroom. Her mind whirs. Why ? What has he got planned ?

Yes. That's where they are. His hand disappears. Suddenly.

Then nothing ....

What is happening .... ?