Written by neverseenthatb4

22 Feb 2009

So then Part 2 ......sorry for delay.

I left this balancing on the edge of a precipice. My Wife was being egged on blindfolded by my scarf whilst 9 Rugby lads were coming down to join the other three lads already enjoying the show. They were making their way down the street to the club. I could see that if I did nothing she would hear the rowdy bunch and immediatelt skip out the back room. I walked to the Jukebox and shoved some money in very quickly. I just pressed any button and chose Britney spears TOXIC. Perfect for the situation.

She couldnt hear anything more than the muffled music behind her blindfold which just about covered her ears.

She`d be wishing she had more than that to wear later on. The rabble came to the window just shy of the door. They could see inside that there was a dancer...erotic dancer at that. Strip-o-gram they apparently thought. I put my finger to my mouth SHHHHH!!

They piled in making i believe more noise. She did not hear it. Thet started to egg her on she thought it was the same original 3 guys.

She danced very sexily for someone pissed. Even to the rhythm. She already had her tits out. The boys were salivating. Come on we`ve seen them! they shouted. Ive seen and been with girls like this before. Once they get up and start they wouldnt normally proceed at a drunk request, but when they hear dispondancy from the crowd it seems they loose touch with reality and still want to be well received....even in these strange unnatural circumstances.

She started to undo her Skirt and then with the cheers of admiration she let it drop to the floor. Her G string was white and left little to be thought. "And the rest" they shouted. She seemd to falter. They jeers derided her pause. There was trepidation in her, a raging hard on of desire from me and anticipation from them. She reached down both hips and tucking her fingers in the side strings started to push the G string down. Oh my god My wife was about to show her entire naked body to a bunch of pissed , sex mad, laddish , horny Rugby boys who all lived local to us. I`d never live this down let alone her. Too late she pushed them down the cheers erupted. My wife was showing her pussy to the entire audience. She looked fantastic , her tits were erect like she`d been shot in the back twice. her cheeks were blushed and her legs were shaved. Even her hair on her pussy looked cute the way it had folded away under her G string.

The music stopped ...BUGGER! I thought. With that she took off her blindfold and the look on her face was astonishing. She stopped on the spot, frozen. The boys then realsied it was my missus. "theres only one Lisa watts...One lisa waaatttsss" theres only one lisa watts! (surname changed) She started to lighten up. She looked at me and came to my side. I said "its ok I wanted it to happen, I think you did too right? They love you" " I am so embarrased" she said.

"come on, meet the adoring crowd" Wheres my clothes?" she said.

They sods had taken them. Wheres her clothes I asked of them "she`ll have to earn them back !" said one of the less drunk ones.

"doing what" she said I chirped up come on lads you`ve had your fun. Then one of them said "Can I have a word mate" to me.

he took me to one side whilst the men cheered my wife and she loosened up her posture.

"What"? I said. "D`you remember the night we all had that hooker in Glasgow?"

"Yeah, so what? What happens on tour stays on tour, whats your point pal!"

"well you have had your fun let us have ours, or I may have to mention it in a moment!"

Oh shit I thought, this is a nightmare if they tell her and the piss heads all agree not knowing when to shut up. I am shafted. she`ll kill me and leave me!

The crowd started to stand. The guy who approached me shouted "Husband s alright lads shes bang up for it!" They moved towards her. My wife looked at me as if to say "what have you done!" They moved in around her. She was helpless to it all, But she didnt look nervous now. men were undressing and she seemed to feel more comfortable that others were getting naked, not just her. As they circled her she shouted very firmly and not shaken at all " I love you "

Then she was lowered to the floor. The crowd egged each other on as one by one they heads lowered from the headcount horizon. They were getting on top of her. I barged my way to the front of the line. My shock was that when i got there instead of seeing her being used she was submissive to the masses. She wasnt struggling nor was she accepting, she was passive.

She had 12 cocks around her all stiff. From her viewpoint all she could see was the ends of cocks with big ball sacks underneath. She started playing with her own pussy. More cheering ensued. Then one of the lads put his cock by her mouth. She leaned up off the floor to take it in her mouth. "Who dyou fancy most out of us lot Lisa" one of them asked. Bill she shouthed and Roger. Oh my lord she's actually egging them on I thought. With that Roger and Bill were pushed to the front. Go on son they heard. "Heres your chance girl tell em what you want!" they shouted at her. Shes already on the floor lying down with a cock in her mouth. She simply takes a breath and exhales "I want you to fuck me like you always said you would!!!" Oh god this cant be happening she' had a thing for these bastards all along. Did she know what was happening am I the fool who's being used.

The crowd on hearing this request react differently. "Spread her boys" shouts Bill. The lads grab her hands and pull her arms out full stretch. Then her legs are parted ,pulled up and spread. Bill gets down in front of her and gets ready to enter. He has a massive cock and I cant believe this is happening. Its a weird shape on the end though. Not an attractive cock one that looked nothing like mine or the porn mags. He is going to stick it in her though regardless of looks. This weird sight made it even more horny. he plunged it in her and as soon as he did, she started to quiver and shake like epilepsy. No way, No way. I cant believe it shes cumming already. She climaxed there and then on first push now she was going to feel it. After the first she gets worse and thats just with me.

One by one they got on top of her, I was not allowed. I was pushed back constantly by the others. There were 6 who shagged her senseless. Then the others who didnt fancy it stood around her and wanked. When they were about to come they called out and whoever was not busy leaned down and held her head. They made her open her mouth but she wouldnt swallow it she wanted it on her tits she shouted. They all but one came on her tits. Hardly any missed. They were stood over her torso aiming up her body. Even the stranded bits fell on to her like glue. One of the lads got a surgical glove pack from first aid box, put two on one hand and started rubbing the spunk all over her body. he gaathered up all the come from her pussy and torso and wiped it all over her like a plasterer. He wiped it everywhere,neck, feet , in between toes, under her breasts.. as if to make a statement that there was no where I could kiss or go that did not have their mark all over it. It was so horny.

I was then allowed over "come on then hubba in the mouth for you" One of the lads had a fancy phone and was filming the whole thing. I shot my load straight down her mouth. I then had the massive downhearted feeling of despair...what have I done.

I got desperate and started asking each and everyone not to say anything. yeah yeah sure thing they said. The guy with the phone promised me he had deleted it. I said thanks and asked for her clothes. They were returned. We made our way home...she stunk of spunk.

A week later we got a dvd through the door. We were nervous, it had a note with it saying " You will do what we say or....... you know where this is going"

We played it on the dvd. There it was our nightmare,it was the bit where a Lisa had blindfold on and started to dance, tit out as it were!. We had tears in our eyes. Then the dvd went funny and there was suddenly the bunch of lads sat there in the same room we had been, all sober and on a different day to that night. One of them stepped forward and said to camera. We love you Lisa thanks for a great party. Your not the first or the last. Bill's missus and Rogers amongst others have thrown us great parties before yours. We just wanted you both to know that it was fantastic and remains our secret party!" No video, no harm done.! we hope you trust us all at another party one day till then mums the word!!

We both cried even more with relief, my mind already started to wander. HMMM What if next time we filmed it. We relaxed back and had great sex right there and then.."so about this Roger and Bill?" I asked.....

Hope you enjoyed, we did.!