Written by Rob_Consort

13 Apr 2012

Julie & Steve, and their 2 5-year old twin sons, are neighbors to Alison and me in an adjacent condo building. For the last 3 years Julie has been the condo board chair…a modestly paid position. The job was prompted by Steve’s loss of work in the financial markets at the outset of NY’s financial debacle…took him nearly 2 years to get back into work. Like my wife and I, Julie and Steve are somewhat low-profile swingers…tending to remain within our immediate set of friends and referred neighbors and an occasional 'outsider.' Julie is in her 30’s, Steve, about 10 years’ senior.

Julie likes to periodically connect…Steve does less frequently, BUT when he does, enjoys fucking a younger wife…so relationships and choices a bit limited. I had a Swing relationship with Julie shortly after their twins arrived…post-partum issues…for which there are numerous Therapists/Psychologists who suggest layering on sexual relationship/activity to allay the psychological issues. It was a hot afternoon engagement of suck/fuck and anal action!

Our Swing connection went dormant…raising children and ‘other’ priorities. Alison, about 2 years ago, joined Julie and 2 other wives for a Saratoga Springs spa weekend…kind of a relaxation scenario away from all. It was weeks later that I casually learned from my wife, the spa weekend was 1 day doing the health gig…and the next day/evening ‘doing it’ period…! Apparently the girls enjoyed eating/fingering each other…and one had the audacity to bring a strap-on into play. Oh, I wish I had known and been able to watch (and more.) To this day, I don’t know who had the ‘toy’ and who relished the fuck…if not ALL of them taking turns… My wife won't share...;)

Bringing Swing matters current, a week before last Thanksgiving Day’s holiday, I ran into Julie and her sons at the supermarket. The boys were into mischief…Julie expressed annoyance as to having them while on heavy-duty shopping. I jokingly suggested…with straight face…handcuffs…handcuffs would work to manage/control… We both laughed…and as I separated and continued to do my shopping, I thought to myself…’boy, it’s NOT the kids I’d use the cuffs on…! I Thought it ended there…

Two weeks later, at their condo’s Holiday party, we enjoyed a casual gathering of drink, food, and soft dance music. Steve was doing his thing…scoping the younger set…the gals I consider lacking in communication skills…BUT I’m sure Steve was entertaining a different skill…the kind that rises and engages between legs… While my wife was chatting up another husband, Julie came over…asked me for a dance…I grabbed the opportunity. 2 or 3 minutes into the dance, Julie slipped something in my pocket. I looked…it was a set of adult size, stage prop handcuffs!! Julie whispered…’can you think of anything good to restrain?’ I almost stammered…not anticipating the Swing reach-out at this party. I recommended we should re-gather at a later time…and discuss ideas for the cuffs.

That was only 3 days later. She told Steve she would be spending some time with me in the afternoon…with no detail. The boys were still in Kindergarten with after-school program, so we had several hours to ‘play’ our own game. And, play we did. The cuffs could have been pulled apart quickly…but it was the psychological lock-up to her bed…the spreading of her legs…the modest pubic hair protection of her love canal. Lord, it was a fucking I will always remember…her slim tall body...protruding tits on modest breasts...her pussy made to enjoy sucking, fingering and eating. There are ALL styles of women...Julie being one to enjoy.

We've maintained Swing composure of late...she knows of my temporary duty in The UK soon. However, I'm also aware she enjoyed herself that early December afternoon. I believe she looks at me as a guy roughly 20 years her senior, NOT taking advantage of her...addressing her requests while I satisfy my sexual needs. I quietly laugh to myself when I think how last November's Swing date developed...a family shopping excursion motivating unintended, BUT very gratifying Swinging consequences.