Written by AmyAndy

22 Aug 2012

Thank you so much for the kind words, bit surprised and good to see that there are some gentlemen out there! Apologise for having to dash, but I had something a little more interesting to get on with lol. I am probably not going to finish in this sitting either, only have 10 minutes and the story is somewhat long and when I start typing I can ramble a bit, sorry.

Now, where was I, Brian! I asked him to make love to me! This was interesting as he seemed to change in his approach and was stalling me and wanted to drink more. Offering to go to the bar to get me a drink. I really wasn't that thirsty and actually wanted to get the business out of the way so that Andy and I can truly enjoy the aftermath, so to speak. I then started to feel a little cheap and embarrassed, you see, I felt like I looked a million dollars or at least a few hundred thousand lol. Brian did indeed disappear to the bar to get a round of drinks and I took the opportunity to text Andy.

"Think you will be the only man inside me tonight darling. I don't think Brian wants me :-( "

Immediately, Andy looked at his phone, he smiled, looked at me and winked. A wink that I know well a kind of 'trust me' wink. A minute or so later a text came back "Go to the toilet and ring me from around the corner. Can't believe I have to teach you how to seduce another man." I smiled and kind of nodded to no one as I saw Brian walking back towards me.

I thanked Brian for the drink and said that I would be right back, ensuring that my dress was straight as I got up. Didn't want another flashing incident scaring the poor man off!

"It's me." I said.

"I know!" Andy chuckled, I am sure he thinks I am ditsy sometimes. "So it's not going too well with loverboy is it?".

"No, I flashed him and asked him to make love to me and he nearly ran! Either I am starting to look my age or he is gay." I laughed, but was actually still quite embarrassed by the knock back from Brian.

"He isn't gay, that is quite clear. He is besotted with you. I can see that from here and I am a good distance away. Men may seem all mouth, but from my own experience, when confronted with just what you want, you can sometimes start to fear the outcome. He may be fantasising not thinking something would happen. Just slow down and he will be all yours." Andy is a clever bloke.

"Ahhh bless you, talking me through how to bed another man. Before I go back, this is it... last chance to pull out. I so want to fuck you, so just say the word, you and I can be in the room in 1 minute and my mouth round your cock. Sure you want this. I am doing this for you." I was still worried about ruining our relationship.

Silence, for some seconds.

"Amy, this is tricky. I desperately want you to fuck this man, I am hard sat here right now at the thought of it. But if you are only doing it for me... it kind of isn't doing it for me. Does that make sense? I can only get off on this because of thinking you are aching to be fucked by him." Andy sounded serious.

"Andy, this is tricky... see... I am desperate for him to fuck me. I am excited to slowly unzip his trousers and stroke his strange cock through the material of his pants. I am desperate for him to kiss me and to feel his fingers and tongue on my clit. I so want to feel the tip of his cock against my.... well basically, if you are happy, I think I better go and have some fun." I was smiling and hot.

"I fucking love you. GO!" The phone hung up.

(is it wrong of me to tell you all that I am stroking my clit typing and remembering this? Really slowing me down lol).

I walked confidently back into the bar, Brian look relieved to see me. I sat down and apologised, told him that I was a little too forward. He was a bit flustered and explained pretty much exactly what Andy had said to me on the phone. So we talked some more and on a slightly deeper level. I found out that he was married and happily so and that he felt guilty the moment I came onto him.

He then asked me to basically take control. Didn't say as much, but just kind of took a more passive role. So I switched back to seducer but more a motherly seducer. Started to compliment him more and when I had a chance, would touch him, on his thigh or wrist etc. As the drink was finished I suggested he go to the bar and get us a nightcap, that I will go upstairs and he wass to follow up. Promised that I would take it slow and we would just have a relaxed and sensual time. This seemed to destress him and he agreed. We were on! So excited. We both got up, I kissed him on the cheek, winking at Andy over his shoulder then disappeared upstairs.

Rushing in fact so that I could make sure that the voice recorder was set!!!

Don't want to be considered a prick teaser.... but I do have to go, will complete the recounting of our night as soon as possible xxx