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I had met Kay and Donald when I was half a couple. After we broke up I was asked back for a weekend. I was very surprised at the end of the weekend when I found Kay's bags next to mine when I was about to leave. 

"Are you going somewhere?" I asked.

"I'm coming with you, you can bring me back next weekend." Kay informed me.

My surprise was close to shock.

"Give her a good time." Donald added.

"Are you sure?"

"Don't worry, give her a good time and be sure to bring her back."

Kay placed a hand on my shoulder, pressed herself to me and asked. "You're not going to reject me, are you?" Softly and seductively. 

"No, not at all." I answered not believing it.

Kay turned to her husband and kissed him. He grabbed a tit and kissed back.

It was about an hour to drive home. I was in a daze to find Kay with me.

"Now you must use me anyway you like this week. If I say no you stop. See if you can make me say no." Kay instructed. 

"Kay, just so I know, I am awake?"

"You're awake." She reached for my cock which was uncomfortable stiff and squeezed it then removed her hand.

"So are you saying I can ask anything?"

"No, you can do anything….and you can have anything done to me, unless I say no."

"There is a rest area up ahead."

"Do you need to stop?"

"Yes we do."

"In here Kay." I pulled her into the disabled toilet. "You said anything, what about anywhere?"

"I'm not saying no." Kay said, pulling her top off.

"Just drop your knickers and turn around."

Kay lifted her skirt and pushed her knickers down, giving me the shortest glimpse of pussy. I undid my belt. She turned around, her knickers held her ankles together. She leaned on the low basin and looked into the mirror. I pushed my cock into her ass and began fucking. I was way to excited I came way before her but kept fucking. My eyes were locked on the mirror. Her left tit bounced into sight each time I rammed into her. Kay began to pant, her pants turned to something else and soon after that I came again filling her ass. I pulled out . She sat on the throne and I washed my cock.

As we left, a man walked past and looked at us.

"He just fucked me." Kay informed him.

He never answered. 

"I thought about offering you to him."

"What stopped you?"

"I don't have condoms."

"Thank you."


"Thinking about condoms. I don't think he would have done much for me."

I'll tell you about the rest of the week soon.

Written by Tom

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