Written by elainetg

2 Mar 2011

After my meeting with Julie & Sylvia I wanted more & soon .I had rang the mobile number Julie had given me A few times but no reply. I thought looks like they don't want to know. Disapointed I decided to shave shower & get dressed, before getting dressed I painted my toe & finger naiIs in a bright red nail varnish.I took some time deciding what to wear , eventually selecting my favourite red & black matching Bra Panties & six strap suspender belt all very soft & silky but flimsy almost see through & very sexy. As always as soon as put the garments on I was erect (fighting off the need to wank myself off )I attached apair of new ffs (stockings)to my suspenders & put on my Charnos red nylon full slip, red open toe 5" heels, medium long blonde wig . earings & jewlery carefully applying my makeup red lipstick & lipgloss admiring myself in the mirror I decided to look on the internet see if any other TVs where on cam . After a while I came across this club in Northwich with a TV night that very night . On impulse I decided to give it a try. I Put on my Black just above the knee dress & red wide belt fastening it tightly around my waist before putting a see through flimsy flowery blouse type open top on I got in my car & drove to the club about twenty minutes away, parked in the car park & sat there looking to see if anybody went in. After about 15 minutes two obvious TVs went in so plucking up my courage I followed them in. I paid My £10 entrance fee to a female in a very short skirt she welcomed me & showed me around . There was around 18 or 20 TVs nearly all in pairs & around 8 or 9 men naked except for towels around there waists. I bought a drink from the bar & strolled around trying to relax . I Noticed people going upstairs & in & out of different rooms . Curiosly I followed nearly all had large beds with various sexual activity going on some fetish some Tv & some male female activity I was watching 2 TVs kissing & caressing when I felt a hand caressing my bum I turned to see a lovely dark haired TV slightly taller than me with pouting red lips & as I did she kissed me gently on the lips she led me to a room a couple of doors away & pushed me back on the bed slowly climbing on top of me , her tongue darting in & out of my mouth. I was desperately trying to get it deep in my mouth she was teasing me caressing my legs up to my thighs I wanted her to go higher I was totally aroused by her my hands on her bottom trying to get under her very tight pencil skirt . In my frantic passion I hadn't heard the door shut or sound of anyone else in the room . Suddenly I was aware of two men standing over us .They where completely naked with there cocks standing out by my face . I was forced on to my stomach hands over my mouth & my hands tied behind my back my legs tied up to my hands . They left me on the bed. I rolled slightly on to my side I could just see them they had started to kiss & grope The other TV (never got to find out her name ) She was stripped to her underwear bent over being fucked from behind while the other man was fucking her mouth I was scared but still very aroused I coudn't take my eyes off them she was moaning in between slurping & almost choking as he pushed his cock right down her throat it seemed like ages before they both grunted wildly fucking her from both ends & filling her with there cum she collapsed on the bed next to me cum around her chin & lips They started to wipe there cocks on my face pointing them towards my lips I found myself opening my mouth to take them but they moved away pushing the other TV around to my back & telling her to fuck me I could feel her cock rubbing my against my knickers she moved them to the side & tried to push it up me, at first it wouldnt go in then slowly it was inside me nowhere near as painful as the 1st time but still hurting then she started slowly to push it in & slowly out not quite letting it come out I was whimpering with lustful pleasure pushing my bum back at her one of the men put his cock to my lips I took it fully into my mouth I was in heaven loving every moment before I wanted it he came in my mouth holding my nose forcing me to swallow his cum. (I was going to anyway,) the other man put his cock in my mouth fucking me vigorously she started to quicken her strokes up my behind I knew she was about to cum & so was he my mouth was filled again with cum My knickers where soaked with her cum I could feel it on my legs I lay there completely exhausted, elated & confused The other TV untied me & asked me did I enjoy it I gushed oh yes it was wonderful . She said come back to the next TV night next month ,she would get her friends to come back & put on a repeat performance she tidied herself up kissed me & left I lay there & it slowly dawned on me what she had said the men where her friends xxx