Written by elainetg

11 Mar 2010

I tried to compose myself, opened the door almost falling over on my heels in my haste to get to my car. Yhe other door opened I thought he was going to grab me and drag me back in but no I was outside looking in panic for my car then i saw it and got inside . trying to calm down I started to leave the car park I saw the white van coming into the car park he flashed me i carried on but I still had not released the sexual urge inside me once again without thinking I turned around back into the car park pulled up alongside the van the side door opened I looked up to see a gorgeous redhead telling me to get in I locked my car door and got in It was the same person who had originally touched me and got me so worked up but this time he was fully dressed and unrecognizable from before . He shut the door turned around put his arms around me and kissed me full on the lips our lipstick tasting wonderful slowly his hands explored my body unzipping my dress it slid to the floor his lips now working there way to my tits, nipping my nipples licking them through my bra .I was in ecstasy I started to relax and explore his undie clad body it felt so warm an silky He was on his knees licking my cock once again through my panties He stood back up kissing me tongue down my throat then nibbling my ear He said my name is Julie do you like me . I said oh yes you are gorgeous I said im Elaine He said introductions over shall we get down to some serious loving I said oh yes please He gently pushed me down onto a pile of large cushions removing his mini skirt and blouse He came down on top of me xxx part 5 to follow