Written by Sharon TV Slut

12 Dec 2011

The wife went to stay at her brothers this weekend leaving me with a few DIY jobs to do at home. All simple jobs, new door catch, fix a leaky tap etc. I got up early Saturday morning and by 4pm i had done all the jobs, she wasn't coming home till Sunday afternoon, so i had plenty of time to myself.

I was feeling horny as fuck so i got my hidden suitcase from the loft, took it to the bedroom and opened it. I quickly stripped off and had a shower, then went back to the bedroom and decided what to wear. I put on a black and red suspender belt, with matching knickers and bra, black stockings, tight stretchy mini dress, long blonde wig, make up and red high heeled shoes.

I now felt even hornier and looked really sexy, i turned the computer on and logged onto a gay/bi site and went into 1 of the chat rooms. I turned my web cam on and said hi to the room. Straight away i had men talking to me and watching me on cam. 1 guy in perticular was chatting to me and didn't live very far away. He kept asking me to turn around and bend over so he could have a look at my knicker covered arse etc. I stayed chatting to him for a couple of hours, also others came and went. He had asked me what i was into, i told him i loved being used like a slut, being made to suck a nice hard cock, being fucked hard and deep and filled with hot sticky spunk!

He was also on cam and asked if i'd like to be fucked with his big hard cock? I looked at his cam and his pics on his profile, his cock was big, 9 inches long and very thick, of course i told him i'd love to feel it deep inside me. He asked if he could come round and fuck me, but i dont like to have people know where i live, you never know who they are and it can cause trouble if they turn out to be arseholes, so i said i'd go to his. But he must have felt the same about having a stranger going to his house as he was also married, so we decided to meet at a local dogging site, just off the A249 near Maidstone. He told me his car and i told him mine and agreed to meet in an hour.

I logged off, douched my arsehole so i was nice and clean, grabbed my lube and set off. 40 minutes later i'm parked up waiting for him. There were a couple of other cars parked up when i got there and another 3 turned up before i saw him pull in behind me. He got out of his car and walked to my window, which was open. "Hi Sharon" he said. "Hi Derek" i replied. He then walked round to the passenger side and got into my car. "You look well sexy, just like a dirty slut", he said. "I am a dirty slut, get your cock out and let me see what you have for me big boy".

He undone his trousers and pushed them and his pants down to his ankles, his big hard cock standing proud, it looked so much bigger in the flesh, i knew i was going to love having that inside me. I reached across and took it in my hand, slowly stroking it up and down, my fingers didn't reach all the way round it as it was so thick. "Ummmm, that feels good, now suck it you dirty slut". I pushed my seat right back, moved round so i was on my knees and lowered my mouth to his cock. There was already pre cum leaking from the tip, i licked it up, it tasted salty but very nice.

He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down, his big fat cock sliding into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock, taking a bit more in each time, but where it was so thick i was having trouble getting it in my stretched mouth. He pushed harder on my head, forcing me down hard onto his cock, i felt it hit the back of my throat and atsrted to gag, he held me down on his hard cock, then let me up for air before forcing me back down on it again. He kept doing that and after the 4th or 5th time i got used to it and tha gagging stopped. I was now forcing my own head up and down his big fat cock, taking it to the back of my throat each time.

As i continued sucking his cock like a pro he said we had an audiance, i took his cock from my mouth and looked up. There were 3 guys watching from the passenger side and when i looked back over my shoulder there was a big black guy watching from my side, he will have had a great view of my arse as my dress had ridden up showing my knickers and stockings. We opened both windows so they could all see better, "You must be Sharon" they all said together. "Yes i am, but how do you all know that?" i asked, thinking that Derek had set me up. It turned out that they had all been in the chat room and as me and Derek hadn't done private chat they all knew where and when we were meeting.

We had a chat and they all wanted to fuck me, i've been spit roasted a few times but never been gang banged or had a black cock, so i asked Derek if he minded them joining in? He was well up for it and wanted to see what a dirty slut i could be. We decided that we couldn't stay where we were and 1 of the guys said he knew a safe place where we wouldn't be disturbed, but wouldn't be able to park 6 cars there, so the black guy got in with me and Derek and the other 3 jumped in 1 of the other cars. I followed the other car, we turned off the A249 and drove out into the country untill we reached a wooded area with a place to pull in and park.

We all got out, in front of the cars there was a big tree trunk laying on its side blocking the entrance to a dirt track. They didn't waste any time and were soon gathered around me, hands everwhere, gropping my arse, running up my legs, my cock was pulled out the side of my knickers and 1 of the guys was sucking my cock. They all dropped their trousers and were wanking their hard cocks, so i squatted down and took the closest one in my mouth. As i sucked 1 cock i wanked another 2, then changed to sucking another one. The black guy was the last 1 that i took in my mouth and boy, what they say about black men is true, his cock was about 13 inches long and as thick as my wrist. I could only get the helmet in my mouth and that was hard enough.

After i'd had all 5 cocks in my mouth they pulled me to my feet and pushed me over the tree trunk. My mini dress was pushed up over my arse and my knickers were ripped off and left hanging round one of my ankles. I told them i had lube in my glovebox, 1 of them went to get it as my arse cheeks were spread and someone started to rim my puckered hole. He was doing a great job, his wet tongue licking up and down my crack then pushing into my hole. I then felt the cold lube being squirted between my arse cheeks and several fingers rubbing it around my hole before 1st 1, then 2 fingers were pushed up my arse. More lube was squirted and another 2 fingers were pushed inside me.

Who ever had their fingers in my arse pulled my hole wide open and more lube was squirted into my open hole. 1 of the guys said, "Right, whos got the smallest cock?". I stayed where i was bending over the tree trunk with my arse in the air, ripped knickers round my ankle arsehole all wet ready for a good fucking, as they decided which order they were going to fuck me. I listened to them, the 1st guy only had 5 inches, the 2nd guy had 6 inches, the 3rd guy had 8 inches, then Derek with his fat 9 inches and the black guy was to be last as he had a very thick 13 inches and nobody else would get the benefit after he had done me.

The 1st guy got behind me and pushed his cock into my arse, no messing about, straight in nuts deep. He started to slid in and out of my arsehole and 1 of the other guys got in front of me and made me suck his cock. The cock in my arse was moving faster and harder, i clentched my arse muscles round his cock and pushed back to meet his thrusts, after only a few minutes he shot his cum inside me. The guy in my mouth was getting close at that point and pulled his cock from my mouth.

The 2nd guy moved in behind me and slid his cock into my spunky arsehole, that extra inch felt good. He slid in and out of me, pushing the whole length in then pulling out till just the tip was still inside me and slamming it back in again. The others were encouraging him, "Go on mate, fuck the dirty bitch, give it to the slut, she fucking loves cock, shes a filthy whore, fuck her good". They were right too, i felt like a filthy whore and yes i do love cock, cant get enough and i was loving this, just couldn't wait for the bigger cocks to pound my arsehole!

With all the dirty talk it wasnt long before the second load was being shot into my arse. As he pulled his cock from my hole i felt the spunk running down my thighs soaking my stocking tops. I was then told to lay on the tree trunk. As i laid down my legs were pulled up and opened wide, the 3rd guy straddled the trunk and lined his bigger cock up with my arsehole. He rubbed his hard 8 inches up and down my wet sticky crack then pushed his big shiny helmet into my hole. This was more like it, his helmet was thick and stretched my hole as he slid into me. He pushed a couple of inches into me, then pulled back out, then pushed back into me, this time pushing all the way in till his balls were squashed against my arse.

As he slid his cock in and out of my arsehole, Derek straddled my face and pushed his cock into my mouth. He then made me lick his balls before moving forward and sitting his arsehole down on my tongue. My arsehole was being fucked hard and deep and my tongue was pushing in and out of Dereks arsehole. His arse had a pungent taste, it was making me more horny and i forced my tongue as deep into his arse as i could. This 3rd guy had more staying power and fucked my arse with long deep strokes, he fucked me for about 20 minutes before with a hard thrust and a grunt he filled my arsehole with his hot sticky load.

He stayed inside me while Derek got off my face, then my legs were pushed right up and back so they were touching my shoulders. The 3rd guy moved out the way and Derek took his place. He held his 9 inches against my fucked spunky arsehole and asked if i was ready for it? "Oh fuck yes, give it to me, fuck that big fat cock up my arse!". He pushed his cock against my wet hole, i opened up for his cock and he slid all the way inside me. My arsehole was stretched around his cock, the spunk was being forced out of my hole each time he thrust back into me. As he fucked my hole the black guy bent down and took my throbbing cock into his mouth. He sensed that i was close to coming and kept stopping, not wanting me to cum before he had fucked me with that monster cock!

Derek rammed my arsehole for ages, one minute hard and fast, then slowing down giving me long slow thrusts, then speeding up again banging my arse, giving me he full 9 inches deep inside me, his balls banging against my arse, they felt heavy and full, i knew that when he came his spunk was going to gush out of me. He had been holding my legs over his shoulders, but he released them so i wrapped them round him and pulled him into me. "You fucking dirty slut, i'm going to fill your filthy arse with my spunk". "Oh yes, fuck yes, give it to me, spunk in my arse you horny fucker!". That did it, he thrust hard into me and fired his hot spunk, then thrust again and shot more cum into me, he kept thrusting and shooting more and more cum into my hole.

He finally stopped thrusting, my arsehole was dripping spunk, my thighs and stocking tops were soaked. He pulled his cock from my arse and loads of spunk ran out of me. He stood by my head and thrust his cock into my mouth, "Now suck it clean you bitch". I opened my mouth and sucked his softening cock into my throat, i could taste all that lovely cum on his cock and taste my arse, i sucked his cock clean and licked his balls till not a trace of spunk was left.

"Hey white bitch, have you ever been blacked?" it was the black guy standing there holding his massive hard cock. "No, i've never had the pleasure of a big black cock, but i want it". He pulled me off the trunk, sat on it and then pulled me back onto his lap. I could feel that big cock nestled in between my spunky arse cheeks. "You had better go on top to start with to see if you can take it slut", he said. I reached between my legs, took hold of his hard cock and held it against my fucked arsehole. Spunk was still dripping from my hole covering his black cock.

I pushed back onto his cock, my hole stretching like never before, i pushed harder then my hole opened up and i was sliding down his big beautiful black cock. I had to stop, i only had about 5 inches inside me, but cos it was so thick i thought he was going to split me in two. I moved up and down on it for a while, my arse was geting used to the size of this beautiful cock, so i pushed back a bit harder and another couple of inches slid into me. It seemed to take ages but suddenly i was sitting right on his lap, his big black balls squashed under my arse and i had the whole 13 inches deep inside my arsehole!

I sat there for a couple of minutes, savering the feeling of being that full of cock, then i raised myself up, then dropped back down onto this lovely black cock. I started to ride him, up and down, up and down, his big fat black cock going in and out of my slutty white arsehole. He soon put his big hands under my thighs and started to lift me up and down on his cock. His mouth was next to my ear, "Do you like my black cock in your white arse bitch?". "Oh fuck yes, i love your big fat black cock, give it to me, fuck me hard with all that black meat, shoot your spunk in my arsehole".

He kept bouncing me up nad down on his cock for about 15 minutes, then he lifted me off his cock, my hole feeling empty as his cock plopped out of my arse. He then bent me over the tree trunk again and moved in behind me. His big hands spreading my arse cheeks, my hole felt like it was gapping open, it properbly was, he pushed his cock to my open hole and slid back into me. "Now your going to become a black cock whore and have the fucking of your life". With that he started to fuck me, sliding all the way out then slamming back into me hard. He started speeding up, holding my hips and really drilling into me, god that cock felt so fucking good, so deep inside my arsehole. He fucked his big fat black cock in and out of me for another 30 minutes before he thrust hard and deep into me and pumped his spunk deeper inside me than anyone had ever done. I could feel it shooting into me and i've never felt that before but his cock was so deep inside me that i felt every spurt. He pulled that cock from my arsehole and made me squat down and lick it clean. As i did so his spunk started to drip from my hole onto the ground. I reached down between my legs, my hole was wide open, his spunk dripped onto my fingers and i licked it all up.

We all straightened ourselves up, me minus my ripped knickers, and made our way back to the other cars. After everyone had gone it was just me and Derek left. He asked if i had to go straight away? "I'm ok for a while i said, wives away till Sunday, why?". He opened his trousers and pulled his hard cock out, "Seeing you take that big black cock has made me horny again, plus you haven't cum yet" he said. We got out the car, he told me to put my hands on the bonnet, he got behind me, pushed my dress back up and slid straight into my arsehole. As he fucked me for the 2nd time, he reached round, took hold of my throbbing cock and wanked me hard and fast as he pounded his hard cock in and out of my well fucked arsehole. He fucked me hard for a few minutes, "I'm going to cum you slut". "Oh fuck yer, so am i, fuck me hard you bastard, give me your spunk". With that he thrust hard into me and just as he started to fill me with his 2nd load i shot my spunk all over the front of the car.

I finally got home at 3am and went straight to bed. I awoke at 1pm Sunday afternoon and had to rush to get my suitcase back in the loft and get showered before the wife was due home. I'm going to the sex shop this week as when i've been in there before i've noticed that they sell a hugh black dildo and now i've had black i want more!