27 May 2017

Although I have had a few more experiences, last Thursday night {the 1st warm night of summer) is worth recounting. About 1030pm, I arrived at a local park’s car park dressed in grey miniskirt, white crochet top, deep red bra/thong/suspender belt, and 4” heels, blonde wig. Only 2 empty cars there, so got out for a smoke but no sign of possible action. I decided to go for a walk in the park, since it was warm and I was feeling horny; down to the bridge and across into the park area – heels clip/clop on the concrete path.

I walked to a nearby bench, sat and had another cig. Still no action. Darn it, I’ll walk a bit further past the lake. Now I was really wanting sex. Without thinking it through, I removed my top [breasts heaving in my tight bra] and slowly unzipped my skirt]. Just standing there in my lingerie, looking at the lake, I felt like a hooker parading knowing that no one would see me. I walked a further 50yds to a bench, rubbing my swollen clit. I was about to sit down when a voice in the trees said ‘eh, slut u want some proper cock’. I turned to see 2 middle aged guys approaching, and 2nd guy said ‘u r about to be spitroasted you tranny whore’. ‘I hope so’, I replied.

1st guy pushed me over the bench, as 2nd guy dropped his shorts and shoved his 6” cock in my mouth/throat and face fucked me. As I sucked on his cock , I felt 1st guy pull my panties down and rubbed his cock at my lubed asshole. I grunted ‘go on shove ur cock in my ass, and returned to sucking 2nd guy. 1st guy pushed against my sphincter and then penetrated me hard and deep, grasping my hips as I thrust back onto his cock [it was bigger than No 2, who was now rubbing his cock on my face/lips]. For a good 5 mins, no 1 fucked me fast and furious before I felt him tense and then explode deep in my ass. 2nd guy said its my turn, as he moved behind me, while no 1 told me to ‘clean my cock you dirty fucking slut’, which I loved. Meanwhile, no 2 did not waste time, just pressed his cock against my hole and rammed it str8 in, a few long fast strokes before he quickened up and short fast strokes for only a few mins before I got my second cum load of the night. As they walked off, both shouted that I was a good fuck for a tranny slut bitch. Bastards took my knickers with them, leaving me to walk back to car alone, with cum dripping down my legs. I did not bother to put my skirt/top back on.

Cant wait for my next walk in the park on a warm night.