Written by Tuttlebeck

28 Mar 2018

I don’t travel much these days but when I stay away overnight I always try to book a gay B&B or guest house from the web. A couple of times in the past I‘ve got lucky with one of the other guests.

Last week I had to go over to North Wales for the morning funeral of an old friend so I booked a room for the night before at a small B&B in Conway that was advertised as ‘gay owned’.

I arrived there about 8pm and was met by the owner, a slim guy about mid-fifties who was more camp than a boy scouts’ jamboree.

He showed me to my room, a cosy single with a couple of homo-erotic photos on the wall.

He then asked if I’d like to come down to the lounge as he had a nice bottle of wine. I said I would do so shortly after I’d had a shower to freshen up after my trip.

I showered and put on some fresh clothes then went down. He was sitting watching the TV but put it off before I entered. He was drinking a nice white and poured me one and we sat down, him on the sofa and me in an armchair. We talked a while and He told me I was the only one staying and that his boyfriend was working overseas for a few months.

He had some framed photos on the mantelpiece and I looked closely at these. I saw that two of them showed him outdoors very well dressed en femme. I remarked that he made a very good looking women and he asked if I liked the photos. I said I did and that he looked very attractive. He asked if I’d like to see more. I said yes please, thinking more photos. He told me to wait a few minutes then went upstairs. Ten minutes later he came down dressed in black stockings, high heels, a black pencil skirt and a thin black blouse with a small black bra visible beneath. He’d put on make-up, lipstick and a long black wig.

I was bowled over and said how very sexy and desirable he looked especially as the tight skirt showed off his lovely pert bum.

He disappeared upstairs again then after a while he came down in a flouncy, flowery summer dress with whitet stockings, low heels and a short blonde wig. He looked very girly and simply gorgeous and I told him so. He thanked me for the compliment then asked if I’d like to kiss him. I couldn’t wait and we were soon kissing deeply whilst I had my arms round him squeezing his lovely body and especially his lovely bum.

I said I liked his dress but I’d like to see what was underneath.

He led me up to his room, a big soft pink & white creation then asked if I’d take off his dress. I undid the back and it fell down round his ankles revealing a lovely smooth body in a small white lacy bra, lacy white knickers and suspender belt holding his stockings.

I just could not resist him and ran my hands all over him whilst kissing him hard and deeply. I slid my hands in his pants to feel a small white firm penis and balls, all completely smooth.

I slipped down his pants and got on my hands and knees so I could suck that lovely little cock whilst fingering his arse. He pulled me up and reached for a condom which he rolled on my rock hard prick. He then applied some lube to both of us and lay on his back on the bed with his legs in the air.

I soon slid inside him and fucked him slowly at first, leaning over to kiss him while I did so.

He obviously loved me fucking him and I was nearly ready to come when I pulled out and turned him over to lie flat, face-down on the bed. I fingered his arse some more whilst squeezing his small balls from behind. Then I opened his legs and climbed on top of him to fuck him from behind in my favourite position.

I fucked him hard with long deep strokes until I came my hot throbbing spunk deep inside him.

We rolled about on the bed the bed kissing and cuddling for a while then I went off to my bed to sleep.

He told me I could come back to his bed any time so when I woke in the night I went back and climbed in to find him naked between the sheets. We kissed and cuddled again and I fucked him again like a women, this time bareback.

When I awoke I was still in his bed but he was up making breakfast.

I gave him big kisses and a big tip as I left for the ‘extras’ he’d provided.