Written by linda_cumslut

18 Oct 2009

hi, i have been on here long enough for most people to know me.....if u don't..visit chat room 1 ...tv/cd room!!!!.... lots of people have been asking for more stories about my goings on as it were!!!... most people know me now as quite a slut...it is lovely though when people dont believe it and say how pretty i am...too sweet to be so rude!!!!,,,oh visit the room and when i am on cam u can judge for yourself!!

ok so here is a shortish one that happened earlier in the year.

i had been out in newcastle...infact now i think i had been to a tv meet at stamley..and decided to go down to newcastle after....i think i got to the bars about 10pm....i was sober...nobody else was!!....anyway i had a few drinks and wasn't getting much attention.....OOPS ... suppose i should say what i was wearing....mainly black Lacey undies stockings, suspenders, and over that a tight...actually that skirt is very tight...skirt...black top and jacket...i am sure you all know i push my cleavage out etc.. and do my makeup to look convincing..( as Possible),,,anyway.....

i got no interest in the bars so went down to one of the cruising areas in town....not many left.. i must say!!!!

... i parked my car a little back from the main area where people meet and was watching the usual run of trade with young guys cruising etc..when i noticed right out the side of the car...just a few feet from the passenger door a guy in the bushes with his cock in his hand!!!!

well!!.. when i caught his eye he kind of looked embarrassed!!.. i watched him and he realised i wasn't phoning the police or anything and became more bold.... pulling his very impressive cock back out of his trousers and tugging on it for me to see!!

i got out of the car and walked into the bushes where he was stood.."where have you been all night?" he asked .... i was kind of wondering that myself!!...

i followed him further into the bushes.. and he soon had me pushed down onto his cock,,sucking it,,telling me how nice it felt,,,,what a naughty girl i was sucking cock here in some bushes in the middle of newcastle!!!..

when i told him i liked to be fucked like a whore..he was made up!!!..his cock was big...about 8 inches and really quite thick and i think he thought he night make me scream..oh he needs to see me playing on cam to realise how much i enjoy really big ones!!!

...so he pulled me up quite sharply before spinning me round... hitching my skirt up and pulling my knickers to one side!!!

"So you like being fucked?" he asked .. the tip of his naked cock pressing against my as hole..."mmmmm yes" i replied and with that he was fucking me hard!!!!.. i knew he wasn't going to pull out.... i could tell by his urgent thrusting that he wanted to shoot it up me!!!...now i know strangers in the night aren't the safest form of crude sex... but my god they are good... and this guy with a larger than average size cock....8 inches??..and thick!!! certainly pounded my ass that night~!!!...i was making a lot of noise and he was making me beg for it!!!....he asked me...rather kindly...whether i wanted his spunk!!!...all i could do was gasp.."yes please",,,and soon he was unloading himself into me!!!....it felt soooooo seedy....and soooooo dirty... the guy was certainly very rough and ready for it and he said he had spunked loads... then he said something really sweet... " be careful down here cos there are some right dodgy guys about"!!!

my heart was already in my mouth cos i had let this ...seemingly very dodgy guy use me and cum in me.. so i was quite taken by his advice,,,,anyway with his rather large cum load dripping out of my ass and him disappearing off through the bushes,,i decided to pull my panties up....even if just to soak up the leaking sperm from my ass..and make my way back to my car!!!

there was allot more happened that night but as always one can never remember it all..but i still remember that guy shooting rather a large load into me!!!!mmmmmm well my panties certainly needed a wash!11