Written by stocking bloke

11 Feb 2007

Like many others on this site,i have been crossdressing for a few years now.I fortuanatley have a wife who likes lingerie,unfortuanatley for her so do i. Whenever she's out and the mood takes me,i like nothing better than putting on a nice pair of stockings,suspenders & knickers & watching a good blue movie.But up until recentley & finding this site i have been interested in other guys dressing and willing to meet too.I class myself as straight but i now know i have a bisexual side.I meet a guy on here last year & up to a few weeks ago only communicated through emails.He is similar to me,married but loves the dressing up side.So we finaly arranged a meet & satisfy are curiosity. I waited in anticipation for adam to arrive,underwear laid out for me & my undie collection for him to choose if he wanted too.We both had a drink to calm our nerves,chatted nervously but felt like we'd known each other for years due to our email contact.We both decided to get changed in seperate rooms & surprise each other with our outfits.Adam took my bag of undies commenting on the vast collection i had.I put on my favourite set of red sussie belt,red knickers and tan stockings complete with red high heels.I called adam to see if he was ok,then heard the noise of high heels walking towards the bedroom,this was it.I couldn't believe i was doing this,but the thought of another guy in undies kept my adrenalin pumping. "wow,look at you" i said,adam stood there all in black. Black sussies,stockings,thong & killer heels,"you don't look to bad either" was his reply.I sat on the edge of the bed & beckoned him toward me.I ran my hands up and down his stockinged legs & felt his firm arse.He got my head and pulled it towards his semi hard cock in his panties,i breathed heavily before running my tongue over his nylon covered cock which was now getting hard." lay back,i wanna get at you" said adam.I moved further on the bed & we got into a 69 position with me on the bottom.Adam took my panties off & i could feel his tongue running over my stocking tops,i pulled his cock out of side of his panties & licked the tip of it with anticipation.I'd never tasted another mans cock before,but now wasnt the time to back out! It wasnt that bad i thought & took a bit more into my mouth,adam by now was licking my balls & wanking my hard cock.Christ i was in heaven,i never thought another guy could make me so horny,i was now eagerly sucking his cock & had my finger on his arsehole."put it in " adam said,i licked my finger & eased it in.Adam let out a little moan as it went in,i started to finger fuck him gently & sucked his cock to.He stopped working on me & held on to my legs while moaning & moving his arse back & forth on to my finger.I couldnt believe i was bringing him off & a within secs adam lowered himself on my face so his cock was further in my mouth,i felt his precome then hot spunk in my mouth,adam was gasping with delight.I spat some of his spunk to one side,it felt like a gallon in my mouth but at the same time felt good.I pulled my finger out of his arse & got cleaned up."your turn now" i said,"do you want me to cum in your mouth"!! As i had no say in the matter with him i thought it would be rude not too! He laid on the bed and asked me to straddle his face,i did & putting my hard cock in his mouth i slowly began to get a rythme going.I could feel his fingers probing my arse & within secs i could feel him fingering me,i could see him getting more excited & moaning every time i pushed my cock depper in his mouth.I could no longer contain myself and shot a load into his mouth,i was panting hard & felt fufiled like the 1st time you lost your cherry.Adam was laughing at my reaction,& with a mouthful of cum!!He got cleaned up & we spent the next hour fooling around on the bed kissing & fondling each other.What an experience,we continue to email each other & are getting ready for another meet.I think the possibility of anal is on the menu next! Watch this space.