Written by Cheshire Gurl

6 Jun 2013

Take care Gurls!!

My sex life had dwindled to a ten minute quickie once in a blue moon. The Mrs was going through the change....... a tad early, but just my luck! I have always been a highly sexed guy, enjoying porn in all its disguises. I started (very) young with an old teacher at boarding school and had been bi ever since without really thinking about it..... She knew about the teacher, but not that I had been dabbling in toilets and wooded areas before I met her. I used to dress up for fun with anonymous cocks at every opportunity, but as soon as she came on the scene, all of that stopped.

25 years later I find myself in a virtually sexless marriage and my mind wandered to those exciting days of yesteryear. I researched locally and found a wooded area off a lay-by that had cars parked on it at all hours. The clothes were quite easy really, charity shop for the dress, hold-ups and shoes from Asda, the Mrs' black lacy thong, my daughter's discarded red lippy and I was ready for the next opportunity.

When she said that she had arranged a weekend away at her mate's in Cornwall with the kids, I was "devastated" not to be able to go, but that was "supposed to be lad's night in" on the Saturday. She said I would probably be bored anyway, so to have a break and enjoy the peace...... SORTED!!

On the Friday of the weekend away, she was gone by 6 so I took a long leisurely bath and shaved my face, cock, balls, arse and legs and used some mint body scrub all over my delicate bits, the tingling sensation was fantastic, and I was stiff in seconds. Having moisturised my skin all over and moussed my naturally long hair into a style that I thought slutty enough, I slipped the stockings up my smooth legs and then struggled with the thong. It was difficult to fit my hard cock into the front panel so I searched her drawers and found another larger black lace thong that encased my cock and balls quite tightly.

The dress fit perfectly, though it wasn't really short enough. A pair of scissors soon turned it into a much more revealing garment. I had shortened it to mid thigh and cut a few slits up the skirt to reveal stocking top when I walked. The shoes were lovely court shoes, simple black patent with a four inch heel. I threw on my jogging bottoms and trainers, and threw a coat over the frilly dress top, putting the court shoes and other essentials (lippy, lube and rubbers) in a bag.

At about 10.00, I drove out into the Cheshire countryside to park up at the selected spot.... There were four other cars parked (all without occupants) so I drove to the far end, about 10 yards after the wood entrance path and turned off my lights. It took a little time for my eyes to adjust to the lack of light, with the moon filtering through high cloud. But I noticed movement in the bushes to my right and thought I saw the outline of two figures.

After a nervous 10 minute wait to see how busy the lay-by was, during which no further cars arrived, it was now or never, so I slipped off the joggers as smoothly as possible and changed the trainers for the shoes. Applying lipstick in the dark was not as easy as I thought it would be, but in this light it was only for my pleasure anyway, so I daubed it on and mussed my hair ready for whatever was going to happen. With lube and car keys in my hand and a couple of rubbers tucked into my stocking top, I opened the car door and was immediately illuminated by the courtesy light.

The bush to my right rustled and I heard a voice whisper "Fuck me, look at her!" as I leaned backwards to turn off the light and the dress slid up my legs, revealing my stockings and the black thong. I got out of the car shaking like a leaf and closed the door quietly by pushing it with my hip. Having locked it, I left the keys behind my front wheel and teetered to the pathway, stepping into the even deeper gloom of the trees. My shoes made no noise on the earth path, and I slipped quietly into the undergrowth to my left along an adjoining path which lead away alongside my car.

About 15 yards along I came across two darkened figures standing close together to my left. They were obviously playing with each other and both of them were looking in my direction and whispering to each other. I approached the figures and when I got close enough, I realised it was two old fellas. They broke off from their playing and turned to face me, each with what looked like a decent sized cock in the gloom, though to be truthful, I couldn't really tell. Their faces were in shadow, as what little light that there was came from behind them. "C'mon then lass, get going" said the smaller of the two guys on the left. "I'm afraid I'm not a lass" I said quietly, but his reply was as quick as a flash "You're the nearest thing to a lass that I'm gonna get, so if you're up for it, I am".

I went to him and reached out, taking a hefty half-hard cock in my grasp and then sliding my hand under his balls which were large and dangling quite a way from his body. He stiffened up as I stroked his cock into a fine specimen, thick and about 7 inches long I'd say. "Go on then, get your laughing gear round that.....!" ordered the other guy, and I bent forward at the waist to engulf the head and start some serious tongue action on the crown.

I had only been bent over about 5 seconds when I felt the other guy slide his hands up my legs from the rear. He gently caressed all the way from my ankles to my stocking tops,he changed his position so that he was kneeling behind me. He tugged the thong from my arse crack and pulled my cheeks apart. I felt his breath on my hole, and then his tongue press into my rosebud, followed by long slow licks with the flat of his tongue from my perineum to my now twitching arse.

I couldn't help groaning onto the cock that was embedded in my mouth and then slid him from my lips and began lavishing his balls with my tongue, gently sucking them into my mouth and rolling them around. With his cock laying up my face and me looking up at him, I suddenly got a blinding flash in my eyes quickly followed by another as I engulfed him again less than a second later. "That's one for the album..." he said to his mate, who by now was standing behind me and was using his fingers to tickle around my hole. "These better get deleted....." I said to him and I reached back to hand the lube to the other guy, who took my wrist and then grabbed my other arm by the elbow pulling me back onto his groin, and arching my back.

He rubbed his cock up and down my crack as he squeezed lube onto the top of my ass, and as his hardness encountered the lube it turned from a dry stabbing motion into a glorious feeling as his (substantially) bigger shaft glided up and down against my sensitive pucker. As I gasped at the feeling of a whopper rubbing against me, the first chap squeezed the base of his cock and it swelled in my mouth before he pushed forward, forcing his cock into my throat. I gagged loud and he withdrew before doing it again. As his balls hit my chin, I very nearly threw up.... but he slid out of my coughing mouth, a string of pre-cum connecting my lips to his cock head, to more flashes from my side.

The chap to my rear let my arms go and held me by the hips. I then felt his fingers fumble for my hole and then the "blunt trauma" of his thickness trying to gain entry. "Only with a rubber!" I said, standing up immediately, and lifted my dress to show them tucked into my stocking top. He took one and ripped the wrapper with his teeth, rolling it onto his cock with some difficulty. I bent at the waist again and thrust out my arse, holding the guy in front of me for support. He told me to grab the tree behind him instead and stepped away. I was expecting to be spit-roasted, but he was content with watching.... "I got bitten during a session a couple of years ago, I never go in the mouth of someone being fucked since...." he said by way of explanation.

"Don't just ram it in me" I asked the other guy, "it's been a while.....so take your time". I felt the gentle but insistent build up of pressure at my hole, and he suddenly popped past my sphincter, the pain causing me to groan aloud. He let me get use to his size and then seesawed me slowly, introducing a little more at regular intervals. In no time I felt his hairy balls rubbing between my legs, and had that delicious sensation of being completely full. He then began to fuck me in earnest, long strokes that had his head and shaft rubbing my prostate and making my cock leak into the wife's thong. I was vaguely aware of flashes from different directions during this period.

"I want you on your back," said my fucker and he quickly pulled out, leaving an empty tingle behind. I took my coat off and lay back on it, and he yanked my knickers down and off before I lay back and spread my legs for him. He grabbed my legs behind the knees and hooked them over his arms as he leant forward and unceremoniously shoved his hard-on straight back up me to the balls and began fucking me like a train. The other guy stood over us taking pictures and telling me how good they looked on his camera-phone screen. I felt a sudden sharp pain inside me and asked him to be a little more gentle for a second, assuming the change in angle was driving him deeper into me, opening up previously tighter areas deep inside. He slowed to a long regular thrusting and that great feeling returned, again forcing goo from my still soft cock.

First guy now knelt by my head and rubbed his cock all over my face, occasionally dipping into my mouth but never leaving it there for me to suck, just the occasional lick. He began to wank his hardness, telling me what a good slut I was, and then straddled my head, presenting his arse to my squirming tongue. I licked hungrily and kissed his tight arse as he twitched while pulling his cock ever faster. My fucker suddenly gasped that he was cumming and I squeezed his cock as hard as possible in my arse, as he slammed into me and his thighs began to twitch. It felt as though his cock swelled to a much bigger size and then he groaned aggressively and made little stabbing motions towards me with his groin.

I felt a warmth spread in the depths of my arse and realised that the sharp pain had been the rubber breaking. Too late now, may as well enjoy the sensation (a first for me), and I languished in the feeling of his spunk filling my stretched hole. He stayed embedded in me breathing heavily as guy number one moved down my body kneeling astride my chest as his hand movements increased in speed and savagery. "Here I cum slag" he growled at me, "open your mouth bitch!", and I did as I was told. Just in time, it would seem, as his warm cum splashed across my lips tongue and cheeks to the accompaniment of more flashes. "Suck it clean," he instructed and I took him into my spunky lips to clean up. His spunk tasted sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed vacuuming every last drop from his balls.

They both now stood up and got themselves together as I lay back with a twitching hole and a wet face, trying to recover. After a few more flashes, during which I had that sensation of my arse slowly closing as warm spunk poured out of me and down my crack to rest in a pool on my coat, I reached down and rubbed my fingers in the mess, scooping some up to lick it from my hand as they stood at my feet. I knelt up and lifted the coat to my mouth, feasting on the cum that had collected, this guy's was bitter and salty and I made a performance of drinking the pool that had dribbled out of me. Once the euphoria was finished, I tried to stand on (very) wobbly legs, and they helped me up with one on each side. "Sorry about the rubber, darlin'," said my fucker, "but normal size don't usually fit me", I thanked him for his concern, but there wasn't a lot we could do about it, I just hoped that he was safe, to which he confirmed he was clean as a whistle.

I couldn't find the wife's thong after a couple of minutes search, so I gave up and went to leave. I asked the guy with the camera if he could wipe the pictures and after having looked at them, (some of them were really good, I would have liked the ones of my face covered in cum and my distended hole leaking spunk if I could have kept them safe) he made a show of deleting them from his phone....... Phew!

I tottered back to my car with sperm dribbling down the back of my stockings, and laid my coat out on the driver's seat before climbing in and setting off for home still dressed.....

Arriving home at 2 AM, I realised how long the session had lasted, nearly three hours! No wonder my arse was feeling sore....... I had a shower, douched my arse and threw everything except the shoes in the bin. I realised how tired I was and how my legs ached at being spread for so long, so I jumped into bed and crashed out with the rosy glow of the recently fucked.

At about 8 the next morning, I was woken by an insistent banging on the door and my doorbell being rung repeatedly. I winced as I jumped out of bed (my arse still being tender), and threw on my dressing gown to rush downstairs. By the time I reached the front door, the caller had left, but a jiffy type envelope was on the doormat with my name hand-written on the front.

I ripped open the package to find another envelope inside and a plastic bag containing my wife's thong. I was stunned to say the least, and when I opened the bag to take the knickers out, they were soaked in masses of cum. I went through to the kitchen and put them on the drainer as I (gingerly) sat down to open the envelope. Inside was a load of photographs printed on plain paper along with a hand written note which I read with a distinct and growing sensation of impending doom.

"Hi M........

Please find enclosed the thong you left behind. We found them after you left last night and used them to empty ours and a number of other blokes bollocks who had been watching us together. If you are wondering how we know where you live, as soon as I looked at the first picture, I knew who you were as we only live a few doors apart. Geoff knows your Janet well, as he sees her in the Post Office at least twice a week and she always stops for a chat about you and the kids.

Have a good look at the photos, see the ecstasy on your face? I emailed them all to myself as soon as I took them for posterity. I especially like the close-up of your arse leaking spunk, and the one of you receiving my cum with your mouth open and tongue out.

Now me and Geoff think that you wouldn't like for these pictures to arrive addressed to the wife, I mean how would you explain that? So we want a few things from you.....

1. We will call on you again sometime when we know she's out or away, and expect a repeat performance at the very least......

2. Geoff has always had a bit of a thing for your wife so we would like some pictures and video of her from your "private" collection.......

3 We both would also like some of her knickers, worn and preferably still moist, to use for our own purposes. We will return them, but want replacements each time.

A refusal to agree to our requests will result in your wife receiving full colour proof of your indiscretion.

We will call around this afternoon at about 3 to discuss your options. Be ready for us.....

Harry (from Number 175) "

Oh Christ! Oh fuck! I had a deal of thinking to do, I was trapped by my own stupid libido.

More to follow if feedback is OK.