Written by sindylovelace

20 May 2013

Mistress luvs to go to swingers clubs. When we were in Berlin just before Christmas she took me to a very special one. Do not ask me its name - I wos 2 hi 2 remeber. Mistress made me wear my secretary outfit - she said it made me look sofisticated. So, I wore white lacie panties, near black seamed stockings with a black corset (six straps), a black lace bra, showing trhough acrips white blouse and a black knee-length skirt, that has the seem slit so that my stocking tops showed. Then I had 6 inch heels and really red lippie. I wos cock bait.

Mistress wore a silver shift dress, no panties and black lipstick.

I had had three champagne cocktails before we arrived.

The lights were all red, and the club was set out withfive or six rooms, each with a different theme.

One room was set out as a headmaster's study, another room was a BDSM dungeon. the third room was set out like a fram barn, and the fourth room was all pink lace. Mistress put a dog collar around my neck when we arrived and led me to the dungeon.

In the dungeon we found a couple from Birmingham, drinking cocktails, a pair of Austrian lesbians and an English skool teacher. It was obviously the first tiem for the couple from Birmingajm because they kept holding hands. He ahd tired to cross dress and was wearing stokings, suspenders and mint green lacie thong. His partner was wearing a leather mini dress with her tit showing.

Mistrees put them at ease straight away and asked the ladies if she would like me to suck her tits, she said yes, so i set to work. Whilst I was chewing jnipple, mistress, led here man-friend to a corner and eased his manhood out. Mistress lubed it up and then suggested that he stick it up my arse. He was a bit of a pussy to start with, but eventually he pushed pased the ring and netered playland.

Menawhile the lesies, started to work on my nipples and the Brummie girls arse. Mistress meanwhile sipped champagne.

By some quirk of fate we all came at the same time - even mistress who was fingering herself between gulps of fizz.

That was one for Tripadvisor - if only I could remember where it wos.