Written by Felicity

25 Sep 2008

I have dressed in female clothes since I was 12.

I always wanted to be a girl. I got married to a girl when she was 17. i was 10 years older than her. I envied her sexuality and encourgaed her to go with other men.

Inevitably we parted after many years of marriage. She knew I wanted to dress as a woman and she needed real men.

I have thought about writing my stories on here for a long time. There are many. I like the feling of vulnerability that I get,when dressed in fine female clothes, meeting men who just want to vent their lust.

Last night I got all dreesed up. I had bought some new blue satin and lace undies. These consited of a full length satin and lace slip. The lace is all around the bra cups of the slip and the hem, deep lace. the satin is shimmering. The matching suspender belt is deep satin and the high cut French knickers, also shimmering satin and deep lace.

I am skinny, my hair long blonde and curly. I wore lots of make up and five inch heels, lots of Chanel No5 perfume and bright red lipstick. Under it all, I wore blue satin corset, to make the most of my trim figure.

Over all of this, I wore a black silk evening skirt suit. The skirt is tight and knne length, and has a beaded waistband. My stockings were tan. I am 47, but I knew I looked good.

I drove to a dogging sight way out in the countryside. There were lots of cars there. I was worried about the police, but too sexually excited to let that stop me. I parked up alongside a grey Mercedes. I turned off my lights and nervously got out. Then i walked down an old road, toward a narrow bridge that ahd long been by paased. As my heels click clacked toward the darkness.

I heard other car doors open and close. I knew that men had seen me and were coming after me. My little sex was squashed as falt as any woman's, tight inside my panties( little balls pushed up behind my pubic bone) and hidden by my satin slip and skirt. My sex tingled at the thought of what was inevitably going to happen to it.