29 Nov 2017

I heard him come back in the house, I could tell he was not alone, my guess was there where four of them. It is a known thing that if you cannot see , your other senses pick things up, but I was surprised how quickly the effect worked. After all I had only been blindfolded for a matter of a couple of hours. "oh fuck" my mind raced.

Well I had been with a couple of guys before, surely a couple more was not that bad, I was trying desperately to convince myself it wasn't.

How did I get here you might ask?

"Shit Lisa what have you done? " is what I was asking myself.

Of course it all started with a few simple messages and a bit of banter in the chat room here on your favourite site. Yours truly getting more and more turned on at the fantasy of the meet, more about which later, till it got to the point I agreed to meet.

We agreed on most things before hand, from arrival to what was allowed, which is how I found myself climbing out of my car dressed as instructed, not at all modestly I hasten to add, and climbing the steps of 25 St Georges Cresent. A tall imposing place which did not look very lived in.

I had nearly turned back before knocking on the door, but a couple where coming down the street, and I would have timed my arrival on the pavement, just as they where passing. so I knocked and walked in as we had agreed on the phone. I shut the door behind me, and nervously walked as instructed to the end of the hall, tired wall paper and a slight damp smell shouted empty property.

I was to be blindfolded from behind as soon as I arrived, so I would not see my host, I kept looking forward as someone came through from a side room, and the world went dark.

I felt his hands hold on to my hips, and turn me, I stumbled a little, not used to the lack of sight, but he took my hand and steadied me, "careful honey those are some killer heels and I do not want you twisting you ankle". he kissed me then and I responded to his tongue in my mouth as he pulled me into him.

Once happy he had led me upstairs to what I assumed was a bedroom. I stood and he put a thick collar round my neck attaching what must have been from the weight alone a thick chain. there was the tell tale snick of a padlock ,No escape I realised, this if honest turned me on even more.

"Kneel then slut" had been his first instruction once he had me under control. I did as I was told, the floor was bear floorboards, strangely given the circumstance I fretted about laddering my stockings. there was the creak as a chair was sat in and and the sound of keys being tapped filled the room the echos made it sound empty.

" Now I hope you will be a good girl, there are already 5 watching you on the cam". The regular ping of incoming private messages attested to the fact, there was an audience, I felt my clit stir in my panties.

Castors on wood as he rolled over to me. "Suck this" I felt something pushed in my mouth I was expecting his cock, it was a dildo, I held it with my hand and worked it with my tongue and lips, the message pings increased, the keys clacked, then the phone rang. I froze, surly not.

"Hello" I heard him say, we had agreed I would be put on cam and that he could invite guests to use me if they wanted. I never thought it would happen, after all it was near impossible to get a single guy to play. strangely Mmmm was my only thought.

"Well my friends seem to like you,I told them they would, I will go and get them in a bit" It had not occurred to me that he might pre-plan this,! Still I guess it was what I said I wanted. how many friends I wondered? "oh and Lisa there are a couple of guys on here who want to play to"

I was still digesting this information when he barked "Stand up!" I stood, the dildo was pulled out of my mouth, his hand found my cock, it was freed from my panties, he started to wank me, whispering in my ear how his friends where going to have fun with me but did not need me have a hard clit to begin with. As I came he caught it in his hand, lick it clean, I licked my own come of his hand, from between his fingers and everything, him moving it as my tongue worked.

"Good girl, you will be getting plenty more of that, just not you own." He move behind me and click, my hands were cuffed, a ball gag was strapped in my mouth,he guided me across the room, then I was pushed roughly to bed, the chain pulled taught, another snick of a padlock. I heard him leave, and could only lie there and wait, chained, cuffed and blind folded. It was to late now.

It turned out I had some time to think about what I had got myself into, chained and cuffed on a strangers bed, my corset tied tight to hold my waist in, stockings and come fuck me heels, my dress so short, just bending over would reveal what it covered below the waist. I was dressed like a whore.

I heard them come back in, I expected to hear them climb the stairs, but no, just muffled voices from the room below, I picked up the odd phrase, but could not follow the conversation, I revised my numbers there was 6 of them and one was female. I shook, anticipation or fear?

Fear because I had once served a woman before, and believe me they can be cruel, especially if they use a strap-on. guys can be brutish with their cocks, but at least they can feel what they are doing. A dildo does not feel.

Foot steps on the stairs, the door is opened, a new voice, "should I turn the cam off?" I had forgot about the cam, with no pinging I had assumed it had been turned off after the phone call. but no it had been on while I had been laying there waiting. "somehow I felt very exposed"

"Well up to you, I don't mind" another new voice. " I bet they are still watching down at the pub, I could not believe it when john put it up on his ipad for the lads to see" It was if i was not there.

There was some movement, and the gag was removed, if the cam was still on I did not know. the chain was tugged to get me to move and a semi hard cock pushed against my lips. I kissed the tip and parted my lips, mmmm I so loved cock in my mouth, and this was swelling nicely. it was fully hard when it was taken out.

"Good girl" new voice 1 said from behind me and I felt the cuffs being released, the chain was used again to position me, I was on the bed on all fours now, A finger lubed my ass hole, then someone climbed on the bed behind me, I felt him push into me, hands grabbing my hips, he pulled me close. another penis in the mean time was being placed against my lips, a hand grabbed my hair, and voice 1 said "suck this bitch" and jammed his already erect prick into my mouth making me gag.

Guy at my ass is controlling the rhythm, via my hips and his cock forcing deep in to me and back out. each thrust bangs the cock in my mouth against the back of my throat. these are big strong guys and between them I feel like a rag doll, with it's holes being abused. I wonder if I can handle all six as I have promised to.

Just as I start to panic a little, the guy taking me up the bum, makes a moan of release, I feel his hot cum fill my ass, he shudders a little and then pulls out. it means I can then focus on the cock in my mouth, working it with my tongue, he soon shoots his load. a respite!

Just as I drew breath a hand slapped my ass, I welped, it was hard and stung, this was soon followed by another, "you dirty little slut" a female voice said. the woman I had heard down stairs, She must have come in while the guys where busy with me, I had not heard her till she spoke.

" So lisa" another slap "We are going to be friends you and I, and so you know I am your friend I am going to make you very sore"

" that way I will know I can trust you to do everything I ask you to, just like a friend would" smack. this was so hard she grunted as she delivered it, the pain was intense.

Though she continued just as hard, the pain subsided as endorphines kicked. tough tears still fell from my eyes, and moans of pain uttered forth from my mouth, I could feel my cock get hard.

She stopped, grabbed my cock through my panties, "see you like me as your friend" and kissed me gently on the cheek.

"okay honey lets get you out of those chains, I cannot make you a pretty girl all fastened up like that. " She said softly, as if the beating she had issued just before had never happened.

Once released, keeping my blindfold in place she guided me of the bed, and got me seated on a hard wooden chair, this emphasised the tenderness of my beaten cheeks.