Written by CD_Megan

4 Mar 2011

I found myself in a tricky situation this evening and learned a valuable lesson. Always check the spy hole before opening your hotel room door.

I like to dress up when I'm working away from home and often meet guys for a bit of fairly tame fun in the evenings. I was expecting such a caller tonight and so when there was a quiet knock at the door, I answered it without thinking in a dress, heels and black seamed hold ups.

I can't decide who was most surprised: me, or the rather serious work colleague who had decided to call round to see if I fancied a drink. He asked me what the fuck I thought I was doing and pushed past me into the room. I closed the door and asked him to calm down, after all, it was only clothes and no harm was done.

'Really?' he said, 'and you don't think you'd be for the chop if anyone found out?' I said that surely no-one was going to find out and that's when things turned serious. ‘They won’t, if you’re a good girl. I assume you’re going to be a girl?’

He told me to get on my knees and beg him not to tell everyone what I got up to. And when I asked him not to he jut said that it wasn’t good enough and that I needed to show him just how sorry I was. ‘Undo my trousers bitch! You were going to do this for him so you can fucking do it for me.’ I nodded and undid his belt. He seemed impatient and pulled down the zip and undid the button himself. I pulled his trousers down to his knees and looked at his boxers. He had an impressive bulge so I put my hand on it and rubbed it gently.

‘Go on, get it out slut! Let’s see what a real man looks like.’ I slipped my hand into his fly and pulled it out. Despite the situation I was impressed. It was eight or nine inches long, quite thin and straight but with a huge bell-end. ‘Tell me you want it!’ I didn’t really have much choice, and anyway, he was right, in any other situation I really would have wanted it. ‘Don’t just look at it! Get sucking you bitch.’

I did as I was told. I put the tip between my lips and began to suck it, all the while running my tongue around it. ‘Mmm, you’re good at this but don’t stop there, I want more.’ I started to push my head up and down the shaft, slowly at first but beginning to speed up as he seemed to be enjoying it judging by the quiet moaning coming from above. Gently, he put his hands on my head and let them move with the rhythm.

Suddenly, he gripped harder and forced me onto him, making me gag. As I pulled back, he grabbed my hair. ‘No, bitch! Try harder. All the way in.’ He pushed again but I was ready this time and felt him enter my throat. He pulled back again making me gasp as his huge bell came out. ‘Look! Look at me you slut! I want to see your eyes.’ I did what he asked and he smiled at me for a moment before pushing all the way in again. ‘Good! You’re learning fast.’

He pulled right out this time. Before I could ask if that was it, he began to hit me in the face with his cock. I must have looked surprised because he scowled and told me to suck his balls. As I got my lips around his left ball, he began hitting me with his cock again. ‘You love that don’t you? Well get used to it slut!’ He moaned, as I pulled his ball down with my lips and he stopped hitting me and began to wank himself slowly instead. After a minute or so he just said ‘Other one now’ and I did what he asked, repeating the pulling and licking.

Suddenly, he pulled away and sat down on the end of the bed. ‘Come here bitch.’ I crawled to him and looked up wondering what was next. He seemed to be showing no sign that he was getting bored with his games. ‘Open wide.’ His hands were on my head again and he pushed his tip into my mouth and held it there for a couple of seconds. After telling me again to look into his eyes, he slowly pushed himself into my throat and held me there. As I looked up, he began to pull out before pushing my head slowly all the way onto him again, repeating this several times. All the while, I could feel his big bell-end going in and out while I fought to stop myself from gagging on him.

After about a dozen slow strokes, each time pulling out into my mouth and then forcing me back down onto him, he smiled and I felt him start to pump into my throat. ‘That’s it slut! Swallow.’ I had no choice as he still held my head down, forcing himself as far in as it would go. After a few seconds and what felt like a lot of cum, he let go and I pulled off him gasping or breath. ‘Good girl! Now get up and get me a towel.’ I fetched one from the bathroom and watched in silence as he wiped himself clean and pulled his trousers back up.

After an awkward silence, I asked him if we were okay, and that he wouldn’t tell anyone. He walked to the door. ‘I won’t if you won’t.’