Written by jackie the broxton slut

17 May 2008

I go to Broxton every now and again when i get the urge to dress up for some bi sex.Last month i arrived at 10pm and changed into my yellow open crotch body stocking,which allows my nipples to stickout off,my open crotch knickers,heels,wig and my short button up black dress.Sliding out of the car i walked through the woods to the area at the back next to the fields.taking my cock out i wanked whilst waiting for some action.Suddenly i felt a hand sliding up my leg feeling my ass as it went.the hand moved to my chest and the dress buttons where undone allowing my admirer access to my very hard nipples,these he pulled to his mouth and he sucked them both in turn...harder i begged....so this time he genty pulled them with his teeth....owwwwwwww blisss.....then i felt a new set of hands pull my knickers aside and gently probe my horny ass...god my cock was like a piece of steel.My expert on my nipples was ucking and chewing them for all he was worth as the other guy gently bent me slightly forward and slid his cock deep inside my now oily ass....A third had now arrived and was happily sucking my cock...suddenly the guy behind me stiffened and with a cry shot his sperm deep inside me...My nipple lover ook his place and suddenly said...ahh cream pie.....the first guy had unloaded into me bareback and my second friend was enjoing himself feeding on my horny hole......ohhhhhhhhhhquickly the other chap moved his attention to my nipples as the other gently fed his cock into my bottom.....a few minuted i recieved yet another hot sticky load....and so it went on till about 12 o clock.

Never before had i had so much cock and most of it bareback....i,m often at broxton...you,ll know me because if u start to pull and bite my nipples i,m obviously very turned on! Just ask me if its jackie they are playing with...if i answer yes and part my thighs you,ll know the slut wants fucking again.....100 % true and genuine....xxxxxxx