Written by karentv28friend

24 Dec 2012

The opportunity to be out of an evening hadn't presented itself for quite sometime but there had been a pre arranged committee meeting which had to be cancelled at short notice, I hadn't been informed and subsequently was out for the evening and thought to hell with it I have a few hours to spare why not have some Karen time.

A quick check through my favourites list and up popped a gent whom I hadn't seen for a while. A few minutes later and to my delight an arrangement was made to meet up at a local hotel car park and from there we were to go for a drive and walk.

The weather, as it seems to have been all year, was looking decidedly miserable so I chose my PVC mac, suade boots and a brolly to go along with my short silk skirt, red cardigan, black hold ups and black lace nicks. Luckily I'm quite adept at doing a quick make over and once applied a quick run through the wig with a brush and I was hot and ready for a little fun.

The car park was quite full when I pulled in and parked near to the entrance way waiting for my date. Leon pulled in within 5 mins of me arriving and after picking up my hand bag from the back seat, checking my lippy in the mirror I open my car door and walked across to where Leon had pulled up. He never parks near to my car because he enjoys watching me walk toward him.

"You look good Karen" came his opening remark as he came round and opened the passenger door for me. He only does this so he can grab a glimps of my stocking clad legs as I make myself comfortable in the seat.

"wow" came another criptic comment as his eyes lit up.

Leon had always discussed outdoor sex but we had never really had the chance to get together to fulfill any of his fantasies, so i suggested he just go with the flow and set up a situation which he would like to carry out for real. He seemed more than pleased with this suggestion.

"There is a bus stop ---!" he started to say, when I stopped him in mid flow.

"No Leon. Don't tell me what you want to happen. Make it happen as you see it in your mind" I suggested.

He leaned over and kissed me softly "this is gonna be kinda fun" he said with an impish grin beaming across his face.

We pulled up at the end of a small village. "Now we walk a little". We left the car and walked hand in hand for several hundred yards away from the village toward a farm track. At the end of the track there was an old brick built bus shelter which smelled a bit damp and foisty. The ambient temperature was quite mild but there had been a shower earlier so everything was sort of glowing as the early summer moon gradually broke through the passing rain clouds.

"this is it Karen" he said as he pulled me into the bus stop. It turns out that as a young fella he had had a sexual liason with a young girl in the bus stop and he apparently wanted to repeat the experience with me as the young girl!! (ok I said it was dark didn't I) Anyway leaning me against the wall he started to kiss me. No tongues initially and I just relaxed into the stution. It was delicious and I was really enjoying being given the attention that was coming my way.

Before too long he started to undo the buttons on the front of my mac and slid both his arms round behind me inside my coat and continued to send me into raptures. I was groaning with pleasure as he continue to live out his fantasy.

He then undid the top four buttons on my cardigan and with no bra to restrict his movement proceeded to feel my breasts and tweak my nipples. With each tweak I was becoming more aroused and could feel the pre cum flowing from my clit into the confines of my lace knickers crotch area.

His left hand went around my waist again and he pulled me tightly to him as he slid his right hand down over my buttocks and searched for my pleasure point. Inserting a finger into me, smiling inside as he continued to kiss me I let out a whimper. One finger was followed by two and in no time he had me going weak at the knees. He could tell I was now fully charged and able to go along with any suggestion he might make.

"I want to cum inside you Karen" came his only remark since we entered into the initial embrace.

"Have you a condom?" came the enquiry. "Because if you haven't then you can't!!"

He pulled away undid his zip and pulled out his ample manhood, glans glistening with pre cum. "I have the necessary item" came an immediate reply to my enquiry, and he quickly put on the protection.

Coming in close again he slipped his hand inside my cardigan and brought me back to my previous state as he fingered me and played with my nipple simultaneuously.

Pulling away he walked to the end of the bus shelter and pulling down his pants and sat on a low wall with his erection standing big and proud.

"Sit on it Karen" came his instruction. "I want to cum"

I approached, heels clicking as I walked the length of the shelter, thinking to myself what if the chuffing bus cums too. Approaching the area were he was seated I turned away from him and allowed him to take me by the hips and gently help lower me into position above his manhood.

Gently and slowly I positioned myself, stradling enough to allow easier access and once the initial one or two inch penetration had been achieved I raised and lowered myself slowly, gradually allowing his full length access. Once fully penetrated I allowed him to control the movement and was in exstatic rapture as he screwed me in full moon light oblivious to anything else but the pleasure being given and received.

The grunt of final ejacualtion was not too long in coming and he exhausted his seed inside me pulling me hard back onto him as he forced his groin forward exploding into the condom.

We recovered and I ensured my lippy was reapplied and everything else was tidied up before we made our way back several hundred yards toward the village and eventually Leon dropped me off at the hotel car park where we said our goodbyes. Until next time.