Written by nylons lover

8 Dec 2010

hi everyone. last sunday i got caught by my girlfriend. anyway usual sunday my girlfriend goes to uni for the week so we hav a day of sex which always starts wiv me shower only to return to her lying on bed wearing stockings and suspenders and fucking herself with her rabbit. so as she uses her vibrater i feed her my cock to suck which she laps up she a really great sucker. so after she comes she makes me lick her pussy clean which im all to happy to do. then she gets on top andf fucks me for all shes worth after fillin her pussy she turns round and bends over demanding i fuck her doggy. i love doin her doggy and when i finally come she doesnt stop there she demands i fill her arsehole too. anyway the time came when she had to leave for her long journey too uni. she stays there all week. as planned she left at 6 so i done my usual and showered and shaved my legs and cock and ass. put on my suspender belt(8 strap rago) and cervin swing time ff nylons and my 6 inch stilettos. then my sexy one piece secretary outfit, fake tits, makeup and black shoulder lenth wig. got out my lube and toys and by this time the door had rang. i had already planned for my fuck buddy to come over. his name was jasmine he was wearing a long black coat just showing the bottoms of his legs and feet in his stilettos. i was so turned on i cudnt wait to get at his cock. so we had a drink and went to the bedroom where he removed his coat to rteveal all he had on was his seamed black hold ups and nothing else. his cock was already hard so i dropped to my knees and took his big cock in my mouth. i love sucking cock. i ran my tongue up and down the length of it and teased him and sucked his balls aswell. all the time runnin my hands up and down his smooth stocking covered legs. so finally i went for it and sucked for all i was worth till he shot his huge load in my mouth. i swallowed most of it but the last few spurts went all over my face. i got up and lay on the bed it was his turn to suck me and boy he knows how to suck much better than my girlfriend does. it wasnt long before i shot my load alkl over his face. he then got me to bend over so he could rim me. now ive never had this before but it was amazing feels so good. he stopped and handedme a blindfold and told me to put it on so i did. it was amazing not knowing what he was doing. next i felt him take my hand and handcuff it to the headboard then the other hand aswell so i was bent over handcuffed to the bed. all went quiet for a while i had thought he had left but i heard him talk to someone he had invited someone else to come round without my consent. next i heard him tell the person to fuck my wet arse. next i felt a finger probe my arse it felt good but it was soon replaced by a massive cock it hurt like hell he had to stop and put lube on to get it in there. but soion he was balls deep and pounding my ass for all he was worth. god it felt good having a big cock in my ass. next i felt a hand on my head and a cock fed to my eager mouth. i took it willingly and before i knew it i was being spitroasted. soon i felt the guy spunk in my ass and jasmine spunk in my mouth so the swapped over and fucked me again. i was loving it up until i heard a car pull up and the sound of heels clicking on the street i knew it wasa my girlfriend but there was nothing i could do i was handcuffed i asked them to hide or sumfin but they fucked away at me. next the door opened and i could hear her saying oh my god wat the hell is going on and she stormed out. so jasmine and the other man just kept fucking me for another while before untieing me only to reveal that i had been fucked by a big black guy. so we had a few drinks and kissed for a while before mark the black guy left. leaving me and jasmine to fuck again before he had to leave. it was a few hours before my girlfriend returned so i just stayed dressed waiting for her thinking what to hell she knows now any way. anyway we discussed it for ages and stayed together she even wants to join in she finds it a turn on. but theres conditions she wants to be fucked by the big black cock as well. and from us sharing our secrets shes confessed to haviong a girlfriend who she fucks regularly at uni. so all ended well. we are arranging another fuck session this sunday so keep an eye out i will put it up next week and tell yous all about. thanks xxx