Written by Bren

28 Oct 2011

I had been on the website for some time and not had much luck at all, i'd class myself as a straight guy but in saying that have had a few mutual wanking sessions, and had another man suck me when being with one particular couple, so maybe occasionally bi would be a better description.

I was just surfing one day and was contacted by a couple that i had chatted to a few times but had never gone any further. This time it was Andrea chating and she asked if i was free that Friday, as they both had the day off and would love for us to meet at last. Well i had seen pics and was hoping one day i'd get to see them for real. I knew i could get the day off so no problems at all. Andrea then said that we would meet at a local cafe in town and she had one specific wish, that i would be dressed smartly but under that exterior i would have sheer stockings, a suspender belt and some lacy knickers on. I had never done this previously and told Andrea this, she said that they were more than willing to meet but she would be checking first off that i had done as asked. I agreed and we made arrangement, time and place etc and signed off.

I now had to think how the hell was i going to do this so at lunchtime the following day i left the office and went into town, browsed through a cple of department stores and ended up in the lingerie section of another one. I was feeling a bit strange as the only man in there when this middle aged shop assistant walked up and sai "your looking a bit lost, what is it exactly your looking for and i will see if i can help". She was really friendly and i said what i wanted, she asked me what colour i just said black.

I followed her over to the other side of the section and she showed me a rack of different suspender belts in all sorts of sizes, i pulled the first one off and it was far too small, "What size is it you want" she asked, "what size is your girlfriend". I stuttered and stammered and suddenly a flash of brilliance, i said it is for me as i am going to a rocky horror themed party and needed all the items to fit.

She had a wry smile on her face and said "ahh i see" she looked at me and pulled a size 16 suspender belt from the rack and then some black 10 denier sheer stockings with lacy tops and again some lacey knickers. "ok then" she said "come on". by this time my embarrassment had just about gone and i thought we were off to the till. she stopped at the changing rooms and said you had better go in and try these on as i don't think you'd want to come back and change them would you"

I said surely the stockings are stretchable and shouldnt come out the packageing, she said "have you worn these on before" when i said no she said "i thought not" yes the stockings will fit you and will be fine but the suspender belt andx knickers should be ok but it's best to be sure"

I went into the changing rooms and took off my trousers and socks i then fiddled with and finaly put the suspender belt on, i took off my boxer shorts and got the stockings out i pulled each one on in turn and was trying to attach the suspender belt to the stockings when she asked from outside "everything ok?" i fumbled and funally attached then and pulled the knickers on. I couldnt belive how horny this was and had a semi erect dick hidden away under the lace i was just admiring myself in the mirror when she pulled the curtain to one side and said "hmmm not too bad but you have to get these fixed straighter than that as the look twisted, stand there while i adjust them for you" I turned to face her and she went down on her haunches and undid the suspender belt, she then pulled down the stockings and one by one pulled them back up my legs, running her hands up until she was satisfied they were on smothly, she reattached the suspender belt and i have to admit that i did look better, but al this attention and brought my cock to complete attention, "now then" she said "these knickers are not going to be any good for you are they?, they are far too see through to go out in public. and you can't hide that erection can you" she ran her hand over my cock as she said it. "If this is for a rocky horror party then you will have to have something a little less see throug. Get those lacey thing off and i'll get something else" she left and i took them off, in a bit of a daze, my cock was throbbing, i'm stood there in stockings suspenders shirt and tie and a hard cock, the curtain gets pulled back again and she gives me some more substantial knickers telling me to put them on, which i did. "there you go " she said "now you have a better chance of hiding that erection if it happens at a party, i could see everything through the other ones" i just said that she'd seen all there was to see. She laughed and said if i keep everything on under my suit then she would meet me in 20 mins when she has her break, she handed me the lacey knickers back and said these did look better. i dressed over the lingeie went to the counter and paid she said "i'll meet you in the cafe on the ground floor in 20 mins" .......................part 11 to follow