13 Aug 2018

I suppose that my description that I had an unknown desire for cock was not really true, it was more that I realised that I had the unknown desire for David's cock when I met him.

I have been enjoying cock for many years since Bill had introduced me to his. However I think that during the intermittent years where I was focussed on marriage an career, the cock desire was pushed to the back of my mind and the opportunities became less frequent to the point of not even thinking about it.

I was therefore such an excitement when David re-enlivened my cock hunger. It had been over a month since he first fed me his lovely hard cock and hot load. I was now meeting him on Wednesday afternoons when the shop was closed and he was looking for clothes he wanted me to wear. My wife thought it was 'good' of me to 'help David out' but she had no idea just how 'rewarding' it was for me. Every time we met at the shop I was instantly transformed into his cock slut and for an older man he was very fit and dominant, which made it all the more exciting for me.

One Tuesday, David called me to ask if I would come earlier on the following day as he had not done the collections from his regular donators and we were going out to collect the bags from them.

I arrived at 9 am and he let me in, the shop did not open till 10 and his wife Ann was going to come in an cover him while we were out.

He told me "there is a bag of goodies for you in the cubicle and we will have a little fun before Ann arrives, so hurry off and pop them on as I am in need of my naughty girl" is hand squeezing m bum as I walked away.

In the bag was a pink set of lingerie but they were not old, he had bought them for me. I took off my clothes and slipped the new lingerie on. There was a Camisuspender, stockings and a pair of black high heel shoes. He had been to Ann Summers and had got the right sizes for me. I have always been slim and slight in figure which may have made it easier for his to choose for me.

"coming, ready or not" David called and the curtain opened. He looked at me and stepped close running his hands up my hips and around my bum pulling me into him. His hands wandered all over my body and he kissed me. I now get very weak and excited when David kisses me and his tongue is very forceful in my mouth.

I can feel David getting very hard in his trousers when he says "you know what to do now young lady" as he eases back against the cubicle wall.

I drop to my knees and start to undo his trousers slipping my hands into his briefs to get hold of that lovely hard cock of his. There is a lot of 'banging' noise from the next door shop and I froze. David said "don't worry, its the builders working they make that racket all day".

I relax and get back to the very big job in hand. I lick David's hard cock from base to tip and concentrate my tongue on the head of his now throbbing cock. He loves the feeling as I lick all over it and stroke the shaft as I work on him. Slowly I start to slide it into my mouth working my lips down and sucking gently on him as I do. My ands cup his balls and squeeze them softly pulling them down as I take more and more cock into my mouth. The noise coming from next door is a little concerting but I am so excited to be sucking this hot cock I carry on regardless.

"She does that so well" said a voice behind me. I try to look round but David grabs my head and keeps me on his cock.

"And you look so good in those clothes too, didn't I do a good job in choosing them"? Ann was now bent down, her face level with mine as she watched me taking here husbands cock in my mouth.

"Carry on dear" she said as David pushed his cock harder into me.

"I know all about you and how David gets satisfied by you every Wednesday, he had such fun telling me after the party" Ann smiled.

"Have you made her yours yet David"? Ann asked.

"Getting to that darling" he replied.

"Do it for me today so I can watch her take it all" She said.

I was in a daze but David continued to make me suck his cock whilst Ann looked on.

"Stop sucking now and put your hands down" David told me.

I did as he said and knelt there as he started to stroke his cock into my mouth.

"I am going to cum, first in your mouth and then all over your face" he said.

"Don't swallow until I tell you" I nodded.

David was stroking his cock faster now and told me "get ready" as the first pump of hot spunk hit the inside of my mouth. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and began to shoot his cum all over my cheeks, forehead, lips and everywhere.

Ann was grinning and telling him "More, give her more David she's loving it"

David had cum, probably the most yet and he was now wiping it all around my face with his cock before pushing it back into my mouth and telling me "clean me up you naughty girl"

I did as I was told and then sat there trying to comprehend just what had happened.

David told me "I like to think of my girls as mine when I have covered them with cum and Ann loves to watch me too, now get your clothes on we're going out, keep the undies on though"

Ann and David chatted about the shop as I dressed and Ann told me "you are the best we have had yet, we are going to enjoy having fun with you, and your darling wife does not have a clue about you"? she laughed.

"Right oh, lets be off " David said and we left the shop.

While walking to the car, David said "it was Ann's idea to surprise you, she can be a very naughty minx"

I sat quiet in the car thinking what the future meetings would bring, but equally excited too.

I was loving the feeling of being back into what I used to love doing before.