Written by Sandra54

7 Mar 2011

hi im sandra from bham a xd slut. must tell off vist to the taboo cinema last thurs, went dressed in my 4in heels black mini drees stockings sussies lippy and wig, wasnt long in there befor two guys came up to me with their cocks in hand without saying a word one guy pushed his into my willing mouth, the other guy went down on me trying to get my cock out of my little knickers. by now a few others came up some to watch others to feel my tits (if you have seen my vids you will know my tits a quite big).by now the guy i was sucking was about to cum and i wasnt going to waste any of it, he started to shoot load after load down my throat at one stagei started to gag but kept on swallowing mmmmmmmmmm love the taste , the other guy by now had pulled my panties off and was fingering my man pussy, when i felt something cold being put up me i knew he had lubed me and was ready to fuck me there and then .

by now i was more than ready and didnt care what size he was as long as he fucked me, what a mistake ??? he must have been 9 to 10 in quite thick too .as he tried to enter me i tried to pull away , but he was having non of that grab my hips and push his large tool in me god it hurt buy also felt great.after what seemed ages he started to cum , huge big spurts about five in all he then held me while his cock went soft pulled it out gave my backside a slap said thxs and just left. never felt more like a slut than in that moment cant wait till 17th march thats next time im going. sorry if this went on a bit xxxxxxxx sandra