Written by hotbotsw

30 May 2008

I decided to go out dressed again after buying a new mini dress, anyway I was wearing my lovely new blonde wig, sexy black basque and g string, fishnet stockings, 5in stiletto court shoes and my new very short halterneck mini dress, earings and make up finish the transformation, anyway I pulled into the main carpark and parked near a couple of cars, flashed my lights a couple of times but no action, I was just about to leave when a car came down the road pulled in and drove through the carpark and drove off again, I left it a couple of minutes and went to the next carpark, the car was there so I drove in turned around and went to the 3rd carpark, nobody there so I drove back pulled in and drove around the carpark again, as I was pulling out the car flashed its lights so I stopped and pulled away slowly, the lights came on and the car followed me, when we got to the 3rd carpark again the car pulled up next to me, I undone the front windows a little and a plumpish older man got out and started wondering around my car, I decided to say hi and asked what he was into, He said anything and asked me the same, I also replied by saying anything and go with the flow, I asked if he likes tv\'s, he said yes so I got out to show him what I was wearing, he got his cock out straightaway and started running his hands all over me telling me how sexy I looked, I grabbed his semi hard cock and started playing with it, he started playing with my little clitty with 1 hand and was spanking me and finger gucking me with the other while I was wanking him, as i was he got harder and harder and more excited until he came over my stocking tops and bum, he put himself away said thanks and walked back to his car, I followed him, lent in his window and said I hope you enjoyed treating me like a slut while feeling his cock and balls, I then said why dont you wipe yourself up and cum inside me................to be continued