Written by lucy hotbot

28 Dec 2009

as in my previous stories i like to dress and have fun, i have just bought a sexy satin mini dress and decided to try it out, i went out in the car as usual and dressed, started with hold up stockings, little g-string, padded strapless bra, make up, earings, lippy, slid my butt plug in, 5in heels and finally squeezed into my new mini dress which was very tight and short, i was at coliford for a while out walking around etc but not much was happening so i decided to try somewhere else, as i was drivin i decided to drive through bodmin town centre, it was fairly quiet so i went around to block and parked up in the main street, just the odd person walking home so i thought i would go to the bank, i got out and walked to the cash point 50m or so from the car, i could feel my dress riding up as i walked and kept pulling it down, as i started to walk back a car pulled in near mine, nerviously i walked back, acting a fem as i could, as i walked towards the car the window was down and the man said, you look hot i can see your stocking tops, i stopped and offered myself to him and reached in for a feel of his cock, i followed him to the car park and sucked him off against his car before letting him pull my butt plug out and fuck me over it, after a short time he said he was cuming so i slid off his cock, turned around and wanked him into my mouth, i was in heaven as he cum hard, as i opened my eyes i noticed another man stood there wanking his cock in my facei slid my plug back into my now loose bum and sucked him til he came into my mouth, once finished i cleaned myself up and walked through the high street again, i sat on a bench half way and crossed mylegs so car drivers and people walking could see my stocking tops, i love dressing like a slut and get really turned on when seen like it in public, hope to see you there sometime, lucy xx