Written by susie

27 Oct 2007

i met Dave and John through SH ad i placed a few weeks ago. They both seemed nice guys on chat and then later on telephone. Both were married and were looking for some hot horny fun.

So last saturday i invited them round. My wife was at work all day so i had place t myself. i put on my blck stockings and basque, crutchless panties and a very short mini kilt, plus a wig.

At 10:30 the doorbell rang and i peeked out to make sure it was them, it was, so i opened door and let them in.

Both commented on how sexy i looked which pleased me. i took then upstairs to the spare bedroom where i had covered the bed and also put on a sexy tranny dvd to get things going.

i felt Dave stand behinde me and stroke my body, i could feel his hardness in his trousers. i turned and sank to my knees and opened his zip, he undid his jeans buttons and pulled down. Out popped a lovely big hard cock. i leaned forward and opened my mouth. He groaned as my lips wrapped around his cock. i started gently sucking.

John had undressed and was now behind me. i felt his hands running over my body. i changed to a doggy position. i then felt his hot breath on my ass as he pulld my cheeks apart. i knew he was looking at my man pussy. then i gasped as his tongue found my ass. he spent a few minutes licking and poking his tongue around my ass. i groaned with pleasure. he pulled away.

now his thick cock was nudging agaist my wet pussy, i pushed back onto him and felt myself stretch as my pussy lips opened and wrapped around his cock. slowly gently rocking back and forward he sank deeper and deeper into my eager man pussy until his hot balls were resting on my ass.

by now daves cock was sliding into my open mouth. he held my head so i could not withdraw, not that i wanted too. he grunted and groaned as suddenly my mouth was full of his creamy cum. i swallowed as more pumped in. i kept sucking and swallowing until his cock started shrinking. i looked up and licked my spunky lips.

good girl he said.

John was now fucking my pussy with nice long slow thrusts. i pushed back against his thrusts, my muscles gripping him as he withdrew. my own cock was rampant.

john soon started thrusting faster the pleasure of his thick cock in me was immense. i started telling him to fuck me harder and harder. i wanted to feel his cock spurting hot cum deep inside me. i didn\\\'t have to wait too long. with sudden thrusts he groaned and i felt his cock twitching as he seeded me. mmm it felt soooo good.

he later pulled his shrinking cock from my pussy with a plop, i felt cum dribble down my balls and thighs. i long pearl drop hanging from my ass.

deave had got hard again, so i turned over onto my back. he liufted my waist as i opened my legs. my spunky pussy gaping open for him. his cock sliud into me like a hot knife into butter. i gasped. john did hold back, my sloppy seconds made me soo much more open and slippery for him. he fucked me for a good twenty minutes, my legs round his waist, is neck, elbows unde my knees. all the time his long cock slapping into my willing ass. dave sucked my cock until i came, my ass muscles gripping johns cock so that with groans a second load of spunky cum filled my ass.

after we cleaned up, we agreed to meet up in two weeks time, that is next weekend.

when my wife came home she asked me if i had had a good day, i smiled and said yes, i certainly had. she said i looked like the cat that had got the cream. little did she know i had had plenty of \\\'cream\\\', in my mouth and man pussy