Written by Harrietnylonz

26 Jan 2009

After all the emailing and nervous texts and phone calls, finally it was the day of my first meet.

I'd showered and shaved carefully, and tentatively applied my make-up ,finishing off with with some super sexy sweeping false eyelashes. I spent an age selecting the the lingerie and clothes I was going to wear for my sexy adventure...black bra, black waspie and panties, clingy black jersey dress, together with a new pair of nylons and my favourite pair of 6" platform stilettos. When I brushed-out and set my bobbed wig, I had transformed myself into Harriet. I trembled slightly as I looked at myself in the mirror...would I pass the en femme test or would I be the fool in drag?

I sashyed to the door when the bell rang and there he was...smart business suit, crisp shirt and a good-looker to boot. His photo had not done him justice. He kissed me on the cheek and introduced himself. " Hi Harriet...you look stunning..give me a twirl and let's have a proper look" Walking into the lounge, he stopped behind me and ran his hands over my false boobs and down to my hips, feeling the outline of my suspender straps, As he nuzzled my neck I could feel his manhood slowly stiffening against my bum cheeks...it felt wonderful, and I wanted it so much. His hands now swept under my dress and gently caressed the twitching mound of manmeat hemmed into my panties.

"Not yet" I whispered and turned to start unbuttoning his shirt. My hands explored his chest as I gently began to kiss and tongue-flick his nipples.

Slowly I removed his trousers, and then tantalisingly slid-off his boxers to reveal a gorgeous, well-trimmed cut cock. It was eight inches with plenty of girth. He was whispering sweet nothings as my scarlet nails traced a gentle line from his balls to his glistening glans.He let out a low groan as I cupped his ballsack and slowly closed my other hand around the veiny hard shaft and began to wank him. It felt so damned good...a big gorgeous hard cock,,,and I was in control of his pleasuring!

Giving in to my primal urges. he laid back on the sofa, still with my hands supporting his tool, and I leant forward and flicked my tongue to remove the first glistening droplet of precum from his engorged bellend. What a tangy nectar! My tongue flicked along the length of his cock and around his balls, before my lips finally enveloped the purpley beast and I sucked and slurped to the sounds of his breathless encouragement. I was in heaven.....