Written by redredwine2008

30 Sep 2008

My wife and I, married for eight years, I\'m 39 and she is 33, have had a pretty average sex life, you know just the same old same old, until a couple of months ago when, out of the blue i told her during sex what i\'ve had on my mind for years, and thats to see her enjoying sex with some other bloke. I thought this would shock her but instead it seemed to actually turn on a switch for us both and its certainly arose passionate feelings for us as our sex life improved massively and seemeed to be having sex more and more and getting more and more verbal with regards our fantasies.

After introducing her to this site and looking through some ads she told me it wasn\'t for her. I thought that was the end of my dirty little fantasy becoming real, but after a few more \"vebal\" hot sex sessions she said she would fuck another man if thats what i wanted, but she would choose who!! Well my emotions went wild, i felt like being sick and went a bit shaky. I dont know why, after all it was my idea but to hear your beautiful wife say that she is prepared to do such a thing really does make your heart beat a bit faster!

Anyway, time went on and she would tell me whilst we were making love how we would go to a hotel and live out this little secret, needless to say that my cock had never known such stiffness and she too had began to have much louder and dramatic orgasms. I must admit i thought it was just a little fantasy, one that would never really become true................. until that is, last weekend.

We managed to get the kids of to my parents for the weekend so decided to go on a shopping trip to Leeds and stay over in the Marriot. It wasn\'t planned to be anything other than a bit of a break with a little retail therapy and a few drinks but when we arrived at the hotel and were having a quick sex session, as you do, she whispered gently in my ear and said, \"tonight, someone\'s gonna be doing to me, just what your doing now\". Well i exploded into my condom (she\'s been off the pill for four years now) almost immediately and she too had a huge blast of an orgasm. Was it really going to happen, did i even want it too, i was scared shitless but that afternoon we went shopping and bought a full new rig-out for her and all the time she was trying on the different dresses and choosing which knickers to buy, i was thinking, shit, i actually think some stranger of a guy will be removing these from her tonight, taking down these new knickers that i am buying for my beautiful wife, my wife who has never let another man come near her since we began going out together. I was shaking, feeling a bit pissed off and jealous of whoever was going to be spending some time with MY WIFE!! But above all i was absolutely rock solid all afternoon, so much so it began to hurt.

That night, having both agreed, my wife had a long relaxing bath then got dressed in all her new stuff. I never left her side. My mouth was dry, i could hardly speak and just couldn\'t concentrate. All ready to leave she turned to me and said \"don\'t worry, I\'ll send you a text\" kissed me then was gone. We agreed that she would go to the bar and see what happened. I paced up and down the empty hotel room, i had the t.v. on, then off, i just didn\'t have a clue what to do, i just kept wondering what she was up to, and who with?

Finally, after what seemed ages i recieved her text \"ok hun,

still in bar, gonna have a few more drinks, probs be some time. x. And that was it! I wanted to cry, all i could imagine was her enjoying some strangers company, getting slowly drunk and then who knows what else? That was the longest night i have ever had.

I heard the card swipe the door lock, it was 4am. I jumped up and in she came. She was still a bit tipsy and her make up had dissapeared. Her hair was all messy. She just came up to me and smiled, hugged me and told me she loved me. I couldn\'t bring myself to talk. She sat me down and this is what she said. \"I went to the bar and got a drink, before too long I was approached by a guy in his forties who introduced himself and said he was away from home due to work, didn\'t know anyone and would i mind if he joined me as it looked like i was on my own too. I agreed, so we had a couple of drinks and just general chit chat. After a while he asked me if i wanted some late night company, i must admit i was attracted to him, i thought about it then agreed\". She paused for a bit, took a deep breath then just spat it out. \"We had sex\" she waited for a reaction but i was just speechless so she carried on, \"we had sex three times, he couldn\'t keep his hands off me, I can\'t believe i let it happen but it was fantastic\". With that she went on to tell me what positions he\'d had her, that she sucked him off and also that he had made her come six or seven times, something i have never been able to do. \"there\'s something else, though\" she said worringly. I re-assured her that this was all my doing and it was too late to keep secrets now anyway, with that she just lay on the bed and opened her legs, she had no knickers on but that wasn\'t it... she had actually let this complete stranger come inside her, i could see his come oozing from her red swollen lips. She proceeded to tell me that as a suprise, she had had a coil fitted and was going to tell me that at last i could come inside her but things progressed so fast that she\'d lost the will to tell me, so not only had my beautiful wife just had sex with a stranger but, that man, who i never even knew, was the first man in four years to shoot his spunk deep up into my wife. My emotions were running wild, this was all my doing, but do you know what? i held my lovely woman in my arms and with the most hardest erection i have ever had, made sweet love to her, it was so passionate and at that moment i realised just how deep my love for her was.

Since then we have been at it like teenagers, just not able to get enough of each other. I love my wife so much and know that we are as strong together as ever.