Written by Cumguzzler

20 Mar 2008

I was browsing the site work, looking for some action on my lunch hour (see my previous post).

I got talking to Kim, a sexy looking CD who was on cam and after a bit of flirting arranged to meet her on my lunch.

I was nervous with anticipation on the walk but was also very excited. My 6 inch cock was filling with blood and I knew that it was sure to be fun.

I got to her place and she answered the door. Keeping quiet she led me upstairs. I followed and could see up her extremely short skirt. Her stocking tops looked beautiful and i even caught a glimpse of her lovely black thong. She was also wearing black heels and a black top together with a long wig, making her look so feminine and beautiful.

I got undressed and dressed up in the clothes she gave me. Fishnet stockings, black lacey thong and black bra. I looked at myself in the mirror before i entered the bedroom and thought what a tart i looked.

I entered and she was there, stood in front of a full length mirror wanking her cock out of the side of her panties. Her skirt was up around her waist and i immediately hardened up. I moved in behind her and rubbed her cock, making it rock hard. She was wanking me against her ass and then pushed me down to my knees and fed me her cock.

I took it all back my throat and licked and suck it for ages. All the time she was watching me in the mirror and i was rubbing my hands on her stockings. She then sat on the bed and again i took itright back my throat, all the way to the balls. I wanked her for a while and began to probe her man pussy.

She wanked me hard and gave me a condom which i slipped over my pulsing dick. She smothered it with lube and also KY\\\'d her cunt up before getting on all 4s on the bed.

Careful she said. Be gentle to begin with. Fuck that! i thought. I rammed my full length into her and fucked her hard and deep for a few mins as she whimpered like a strag dog. That only served to make me fuck her harder.

I want to cum she said. Right, i got on her cock with my god and sucked for all it was worth until i was rewarded with a full mouth of jizz. The warm salty sensation as it filled my gob was lovely and i swallowed it all.

Then she watched as i wanked my seed all over the bed as I looked at her in all her feminine glory.

Then i undressed, dressed back in my work gear and left for an afternoons work.

What a slut.