Written by chriskrassone

8 Dec 2011

When I came back from shopping I knew you would be out.

I went upstairs and found a note on the bed, it said “have a bath and I want you completely smooth – yes completely!”. I put some music on and laid down in the bath, once I had had a good soak I proceeded to remove all my body hair ensuring that my cock balls and arse were particularly smooth as I knew that was how you liked it. I got out of the bath and found a new note on the bed; it said come downstairs in your dressing gown, so I did. As I walked into the lounge as I was surprised to find that you were not alone, you introduced me to Maria and Michael. They were both very attractive and Maria straight away kissed me on my cheeks and made mention of my smooth legs, I was beginning to feel slightly nervous and laughed it off saying something about cycling. You told me you had invited them over for the day and that you thought we would have a great time together.

It was lovely and sunny and you told me to get dressed and fire up the BBQ. We had a fantastic afternoon drinking wine, relaxing and getting to know each other, as the sun set we were all in the hot tub naked when it was suggested we headed in doors so as not to disturb the neighbours. You suggested we play strip poker but as we were already undressed to do it for dares, with the loser having the dare chosen by their partner so that everyone stayed within their limits. As if on cue I lost the first hand and you told me to go and put my high heels, panties and bra on- I thought this was a bit harsh as a first dare but Maria pointed out that I would have my revenge and that you had set the tone for the evening. Maria lost the next hand and Michael made her masturbate with a rabbit vibrator. I could tell you were very turned on by the sight as Maria’s hispanic features and smooth pussy looked delicious. You lost the next hand and I made you snog Maria for two minutes. You were trembling with excitement but after about 20 secs it was clear you were really getting in to it. When the 2 minutes were up you looked very pleased with yourself and were gasping for breath. In a blink of an eye you lost the next hand as well so I decided to make you lick Maria’s rabbit clean, I could see you were tempted to call it a day but you closed you eyes and popped the still juicy dildo into your mouth. I knew next time I lost a hand I was in trouble. Luckily for me Michael lost the next hand and Maria made him have a pee in front of the two girls. He struggled to get a flow going but once he was going I could see you were impressed by the thickness of the stream, not to mention his thick cock.

It was at this stage that Maria proposed a slight change in the rules in that the two girls would chose the dares for the men and vice versa. I lost the next hand and there was lots of whispering between you and Maria, I was told I would be blindfolded and to open my mouth and suck/lick what was put into my mouth- I had to guess what it was- I had to get two out of three right- if it was part of a human I had to suck/lick it for 2 minutes. I was very nervous but knelt with my mouth ready, I was guided forwards and quickly found my mouth resting on a smooth pussy- I licked up and down the slit slowly licking the lips deeper into my mouth and probing the hole with my tongue- their was a shudder as the pussy climaxed and I knew it was you- I had one right. The next object was hard and rubbery and I guessed that it was Maria’s rabbit but I was wrong, it was our strap on. I could here the two girls giggling as I waited for the third object when you suddenly whispered in my ear that this was going to be the best bit so far. You told me to open my mouth and something warm and soft was put in my mouth, I suddenly realised it was Michael’s cock. You whispered in my ear to really suck and that you loved what you were seeing. Michael quickly became hard and I couldn’t believe what I was doing. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought but still couldn’t believe I was kneeling in panties and a bra sucking another man’s cock whilst you urged me on. The two minutes were up and I took my blindfold off to see that you had been filming me, you had a smile of pleasure and power that I had never seen before.

You lost the next hand and Michael and I quickly agreed that it was your turn, you had to lick Maria to orgasm. She laid back on the sofa and you were soon diving in and had Maria squirming and groaning, at this stage the poker game seemed long forgotten as Michael offered his cock to Maria and I started licking your pussy. Maria orgasmed with a squeal and you lifted your head with her juices glistening around your mouth, she knelt down next to you and kissed you then grabbed Michael’s cock and held it between you and you both started licking it, in between licks you asked me to lie on the floor, you knelt over me with Maria next to you with you both still licking and sucking Michael’s cock. I looked up and you ordered me to lick your pussy and arse which I gladly did. You were juicier than I have ever known, it was literally flowing out of you. I felt I pair of lips wrapped around my cock but had no idea who it was. I heard you say you needed fucking, I began to move and you said no I had to stay there and lick your clit. Michael’s cock appeared right above my eyes; the head slipped into your pussy and disappeared. You groaned out loud then I heard “stop looking and suck my clit you sissy bitch” you ordered. My tongue crept out and licked your clit, I couldn’t help but touch Michael’s cock occasionally and everytime I did he really twitched. I felt fingers probing my arse and you lifted me up and a cushion was placed under my hips. Something was pressing against my anus and it quickly slipped in, I could barely concentrate -, my cock was being sucked, I was licking your pussy and something was fucking my arse. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that it was Maria wearing our strapon. Everyone was pounding away and groaning. You started to cum first, huge muscle spasms wracked your body and I could literally feel your pussy throbbing around Michael’s cock. That set me off spurting into your mouth which you greedily swallowed. I then heard you tell Michael to shoot his cum deep inside you, he groaned and I could see his muscles tense and his balls twitch as he released his load into you just inches from my face. Everyone started to relax and to disentangle themselves from each other. I was finding it hard to move as you had trapped my arms under your legs. Michael withdrew and you ordered me to lick you clean. I couldn’t believe it, but it had been a fantastic night and I didn’t want to ruin it, I stuck my tongue out and you shivered as it brushed against your clit. You rotated your hips and used your fingers to spread your pussy lips – “eat my creampie my sissy husband” you ordered. I could feel you pushing and a big glob of sperm landed right on my tongue, it was salty but also tasted of your pussy as well and once I was over the shock I realised it tasted very nice. I started pushing my tongue in really deep and before I knew it you were having yet another orgasm, as your muscles tensed I got even more of Michael’s sperm pushed into my mouth which I now eagerly swallowed. Buy the time your orgasm had subsided you were almost too tired to move. You gave me a big sloppy kiss and thanked me for the best sex experience of your life. We all crept upstairs and fell asleep not realising that on Sunday afternoon we would push our boundaries even further and do some really kinky things- but that is another story.