Written by Slut_barbie_tv

17 Sep 2015

Having been online for quite a while and having read some fantastic stories I thought I would share with you a meet I had recently.

I had been chatting online to a guy and arranged to meet, he travels often London and wanted a regular sissy to serve him when he was there, he regularly stays at a national chain hotel.

I was instructed to arrive fully dressed and prepared, I spent that morning showering and shaving and on his instruction I hadn't ejaculated for nearly a fortnight, I wanted to desperately play with myself in the shower but decided not to.

So it came to that time, I drove to the hotel in North London and parked up in the hotel car park, I was wearing 8 in high heels, black suspended stockings, a tight corset top, a very short leather skirt, a pair of red French knickers, a matching red bra under the corset so the straps were visible, full make up, and a beige trench style coat over the top and a hand bag full of toys.

I collected the key card from reception and have my vehicle details to the receptionist, I was very nervous and tried my best not to get rumbled.

I used to key card to access the lift but wasn't allowed to use it to enter the room, I got outside the room where I took my jacket off and reached into my bag, I first out on leg separators, tightening the leather straps on each ankle with a foot of metal inbetween, I then places around my neck a dog lead and collar, around my head a hood with a mouth hole but no eye holes. I then placed around my mouth a ball gag and finally around my wrists handcuffs.

I knocked on the door and waited, it felt like I was waiting for hours but it must have been about 15 minutes, he wasted to keep me waiting to build up the suspense, finally the door opened. I was pulled in by my dog lead and stood in the middle of the room, I heard the door close behind me and he said "well you do like like a right slut"

I was standing there, unable to see and nervous to a point I couldn't move, I felt my cock starting to harden in my knickers.

He walked around me inspecting my appearance, he started to grope me, feeling my chest then my bum, he pulled my French knickers down, they only could go as far as my knees due to the leg separator but that was far enough. He slid a finger into me, this was to ensure I was pre lubed as he requested, he then took the ball gag out of my mouth, putting his finger in my mouth to ensure I was clean.

He saw my cock becoming ever more hard, he took it in his hand, I though I would get to release, he then began to squeeze my cock so tight it hurt, he released his grip and with an open palm started to smack my cock and after 5 slaps he then started slapping the base of my balls. I tried to cover my self but was not allowed and I was given more slaps for trying.

I felt something cold and tight being places around the base of my cock, he was locking me into a chastity device, I could feel my shrinking cock being pinned in, then I heard it click into place and lock.

I was ordered to my knees, the ball gag still out of my mouth, I felt his helmet being pressed up against my lips, I open my mouth and began to suck him, hopeing he was enjoying it I then felt his hands clamp either side of my head around my ears, he held my head steady as he began to face fuck me, I had 9 inches of hard flesh being rammed into my mouth and down my throat, I could bearley breath when he stopped.

He withdrew his cock from my mouth replacing my open mouth with my ball gag, and his hands from the sides of my face, he took off a handcuff from my left wrist and wrapped the metal chain around the leg separator, the replaced my wrist into my cuff.

I was push forward, his hand on my back pushing my face into the carpet, my legs apart my arse exposed, he slid his big cock into my ass, the searing pain as it first entered followed by the feeling of pleasure when he was fully in, the pleasure wasn't to last as he drilled me hard from behind, harder thanks ever had it before, I was unable to move, unable to speak all I could do was remain there on my knees taking it from him, after about 10 mins he started to grown, he pulled out of my arse to some relief, he grabbed the chain around my neck, raising it up, I started to rise and started to roll backwards, I was now on my back, still restrained, I felt him then go back inside me he hammered away again for only a few minutes before groaning again, he pulled out then I felt him explode, his cum showered all over my chest, I felt the hot sticky mess land above my corset top all over me, he was saying "good girl, good little slut" as he came.

I layed on the floor as I heard him above me panting. He grabbed the dog chain and pulled me upright, he said "time to go now slut" he dragged me by my neck, I hear the door being opened as he dragged me across that carpet, my stocking began to tear as my knees rushed across the room, the door then closed behind me.

I used the quick release on my cuffs to release my hands, removed the ball gag from my mouth and took off my hood, I looked down to see the mess he had made, I was completely covered in his white mess.

I pulled my French knickers back up and at the same time looking bemused at the device still on me, trying to wriggle it off but it didn't work.

I put the cuffs, dog lead, collar, leg separator and ball gag back in my bag, my coat was gone, I dropped it out side the bedroom door now it was missing.

I had I check out of the hotel handing the key cars back to reception with smudged pink lipstick, mascara run down my face, ripped stockings and covered still in his cum.

I got back in my car where again I couldn't get the chastity device off.

Shortly after getting home i received an email from him online stating I was now his slut, this would be regular and the device is to ensure I am true to him. Also attached was a video of the whole thing from start to finish. I watches it back and could feel my cock growing in the chastity device.

We still meet when he comes to London, and I got his permission to post this on here.