1 Nov 2016

Having been and admirer of all things Tgirl for a long time, I had progressed from World of Transvestism (remember that) on to the internet and the videos, photos and stories it provides.

About two years ago, I came across and advert for a Tgirl and admirer daytime party in Melksham , as I was visiting customers not that far away I decided it was too good an opportunity to miss. I travelled to the venue that is in part of an old factory, up the stairs and along the corridor, I nervously knocked on the door and was let in.

I was welcomed by a very lovely RG and was introduced to her TV partner, I paid my fee and was given a short tour.

there were a few guys in already and a few girls with several getting ready. it was a strange feeling being in a place where to many would seem so strange but to me, I felt at home and able to be open for the first time.

I chatted with a fellow admirer at the bar and also with a couple of girls. which was all lovely, but I was eager to see some fun.

I went to the darkish room, once my eyes had adjusted I could see a large bed with a Tgirl being shown a good time by a couple of guys, I just stood back and enjoyed the show as others came in and left, also a couple of girls want to play together, again nice and erotic. I was stood minding my own business when in walked this tall very pretty blonde secretary type girl,my names Belinda, what's yours? Sam I said, you look lovely she just smiled we kissed and then she knelt down, my fly was opened and she released my very hard cock from its prison proceeded to give the nicest blow job I have had in a while, when I was almost there she stopped and said see me later, packed me away did my fly, kissed me again and left.

I had to take breath, no sooner had I when I met another girl, no introduction, just straight to a room, when we got down to things very quickly, stripped off on my back as she reversed cowgirl me, such a lovely tight passage.

As I returned to the darkish room to find Belinda, I was dragged by an older girl into a room where she wanted me so bad, who was I to refuse, I couldn't get over this hedonistic place of lovely girls having fun, being themselves. when I did find Belinda it was late so just a quick kiss and goodbye.

I would recommend a visit to the daytime clubs they are such fun, I've been back several times but not recently, such a shame. made a few real friends.just a place to be the real me.