Written by Rob - my first time

25 Nov 2011

In the room was a large bed, some chains hanging off the walls and a bench,

in the corner stood a video cam on a tripod and my first though was I dont

want this being filmed.

I said are you going to film this ?

A hand slapped my arse and told me to shut up

I was led on my hand a knees to the bench and told to lay across it with my

bum in the air.

This I did but i was still unsure about the filming.

Madam whispered in my ear dont worry they wont be filming your face.

They I though, who were they.

My panties were pulled down and my bum was exposed, something was poured

down the crack of my arse, it was wet and cold.

Lets see how big we can get you said Madam.

I want this plug in your arse before we go an further.

something was rubbed over my cheeks and i felt it nudge my hole

what felt like fingers pulled my cheeks apart and slowly the plug

was pushed into my.

I was expecting pain, but as it was being done so slow there

was no pain at all, and i found i was getting hard as well that

was unexpected.

over the next space of time, things were pushed in and out of my

bum hole them getting bigger each time and stretching me more and more.

Finally my cock was so hard it had popped out the front of my panties

and my bum hole was soaking wet and I was feeling so horny, I had

only been there 15 minutes.