Written by jonty6969

3 Apr 2012

Reading all the stories here has finally got me to add one.

I had been with other guys when younger but not in a long time, i was working as a rep and was in grantham this was in the 80s and for some reason i felt really horny there was a toilet near the football ground close to town, i parked up and went inside,the middle one was occupied so i went into the next one and sat down ,there was a small hole and i looked through and saw a eye, this then moved allowing me a perfect view of a smallish cock and panties and suspender belt covered legs.I stood up and showed my by now hard cock before sitting down again, soon a note came through the hole inviting me in but i declined thinking a bit risky in mid afternoon,he then wrote meet me outside i only live a short way away you can come with me .iwatched as he coveredup in mens clothes and left the cubical. i was nervous as i left but he was a nice looking guy older then my 30years.

We spoke a bit then i follwed him out and walked just behind to a side road with teraced houses he pointed to one and went down a pathway to a back door, i followed and he quickly opened the door and i hurried in.we went into the living room which had the curtains closed and without a word he removed the jacket and top and stood there i moved towards him ,he said he was nicky and he took me in his arms and kissed me deeply before we sat on the settee his hand moved ovr my cock withing my trouers and said you had better udress or you will be cumming in your pants, he was right i was so horny so i stripped and sat at his side ,we kissed some more before he moved his mouth to my cock and started sucking me, i told him i was about to cumm but he just carried on making me shoot into his willing mouth , i moaned out loud as i did and he carried on for some time beofre moving to my lips and kissing me hard aand sharing my cum with me . Igreedily accepted it all from him .We hugged and kissed for some time before i tried to suck him nut he pushed me away, lets move to the bedroom John its my turn now nicki said, he slipped his top off and i followed him up the stairs, what an afternoon this had become