Written by Bungle1961

8 Nov 2009

I was very nervous as i waited at the Train Station, I was on my way to meet a TV for the first time and the excitement in side me was just a bit to much to bare.

I was just about to duck out and go back home when the crossing bell went and the train appeared in the distance.

It was to late know, The person I was meeting was on that train and dropping out now was not an option.

As the train pulled in i walked to the last doors as i had been told to an went and sat in the far back corner, No one was around except an old man and a very horny girl who looked at me and smiled.

two stops late as the train pulled in she got up looked at me and smiled again then said are you coming then and reach out her had towards me.

I took her had and knew she was who i was meeting but how i had no idea.

we left the station and walked two minutes to a house with a nice garden and flowers, she motioned for me to go in front and as we reached the door it opened and there stood a very old lady who greeted me and said go through Liz will join you in a minute.

The room was pink very nice smelling and there was soft music playing it was just like a whore house I had visited many years ago.

The girl Liz returned approached me and dropped to her knees, undid My fly and slowly removed my now ever growing cock from my pants.

She then too it in her mouth and sucked my up and down licking the end of my cock pulling my skin back to expose my helmet and pushing her lips against it like i had never experienced before.

I was close to cumming when she stopped and said that's for later i want it in my pussy.

I then snapped out of the dream and realised in my mind this was a man i was with and not a girl who i was beginning to think she was.