Written by Mary

10 Oct 2009

I am a 53yo, very Bi CD and have longed for the opportunity to go out fully dressed but have always worried about safety at the usual dogging spots, as there are a few idiots around my local ones.

A while ago, whilst working in Brussels, I found a sex cinema / sauna very near to the hotel that I was staying in, which seemed quite safe and well organised. I decided that on my next visit I would try it out dressed!

The hotel that I stay in has a side door that residents can use to get in and out using a keypad, without going through reception. So I dressed in my room, red silk mini dress with black bra, black silk slip and panties, black lace top hold-ups and my "fuck-me" knee length boots. Fully made-up, jewellery on, and hair brushed I slipped out of the hotel at about 10 pm.

The street was quite quiet, and with my coat on nobody seemed to pay any attention, but wow did it feel good to be out fully dressed. I arrived at the club, paid my 11€, without the guy at the desk batting an eyelid, and went upstairs to screen 1 (hetero porn). It was a bit difficult to see in the gloom initially, but found a seat and watched a girl getting multiple-action on screen. As my eyes adjusted, I noted that there were about seven people watching the film and an eighth (older guy) watching me.

I smiled at him and decided to go along the corridor to the gay porn screen and noted that the older guy followed me out. When I got to the gay porn screen I felt him standing close behind me and then felt his hand trailing over my bum, he whispered in my ear; "I know what you want", then he turned me round and started kissing me quite hard and pushed his tongue into my mouth, generally my go weak at the knees, and I certainly did this time.

He was caressing me all over and manoeuvered me into a discreet corner where he undid his trousers and gently pushed on my shoulders so that I went down on him. His cock was long, not thick but absolutely rock-solid and tasted really nice and I started giving a slow sensual blow-job (I have been told that I am really good at that). I looked up at his face and could see that he was loving it, but after about 5 minutes he stopped me and gently pulled me up and started to kiss me again before turning me round and bending me over a chair.

I felt him lube me up with spit and suddenly he was entering me (I regularly use a vibrator that is thicker than his cock so it was very comfortable) and it wasn't long before I could feel him fully in. It felt fantastic, I think because of his length, but he was turning me on so much caressing my stockings that I would have done anything. He started to fuck me slowly at first and then built up into a nice rythym making me moan (I am quite loud) like nothing on earth.

I hadn't noticed, but we had an audience of four guys all rubbing their cocks, and my lover stopped and said something along the lines of; "can't you see the bitch is on heat give her more cock" (my flemish isn't great) but suddenly I had two guys thrusting cock at me, which I took turns at sucking and wanking, one of them came almost immediately in my mouth, all the time my original lover was fucking me incredibly hard.

I had a massive orgasm without touching my cock just as another man came in my mouth and I think my orgasm tipped my lover over the edge as I felt his cock stiften and then pump me full of cum. He then took charge of the scene allowing three other guys to fuck me (but making them wear condoms) and all in all I had seven cocks in various places.

Charmingly the older guy escoreted me back to my hotel, came up for a nightcap and selected one of my nighties and some lingerie for me to wear and then quite gently made love to me. He gave me his number, and told me to call next time I was in town and he would take me out dressed to a couple of clubs and bars, kissed me goodnight and left an extremely satiated girl to a glass of wine and a good nights sleep!

Wish I had done it years ago!