Written by elainetg

7 Mar 2010

Like most cross-dresser's TVs I started wearing my mothers undies about 8 years old I am now a mature smooth TV with lots of soft silky nylon undies and feminine outfits I still get that immense thrill as I put my stockings and panties on and the excitement when i look in the mirror at the mature smart tart I have become. a short while ago i had the house to myself on the Friday night i got myself showered shaved all over till i was silky smooth applied all my make up with bright red lipstick and lip gloss perfume (clinique Happy)and shoulder length blond wig selected my undies very soft silky nylon semi see thru Bra full knickers six strap suspenders all in matching pretty pink finally decided on full underskirt with side splits quite short but very sexy and a black short chiffon dress with a wide pink belt and pink killer heels put my touch up make up i a small pink clutch bag and set off to a local dogging area. I had been here before but never had the courage to make contact with any one as i was only interested in other girls lots of interest from men but not much TV activity. I arrived about 1030pm there where 5 other cars and a whie Transit van in the car park I parked in a dark corner of the car park touched up my lipstick and sat back hoping I would meet a nice Tv. Men walked past my car but I ignored them after a while the white van parked next to me the driver opened his door got out and tapped on my window I opened it slightly He said Hi gorgeous you look stunning I said thanks but im only into other girls He laughed and said good so am i he opened his jacket to reveal a slim body in black bra and the top of a black suspender belt I opened the window wide See part 2 if yo want to know what happened xxx