Written by sluttycdvikki

30 Apr 2012

Not posted a story for a while, following on from my transformation a couple of years back when i was discovered again i eventualy ended up single again. There was some fun had on the way but things settled down and i quite happily returned to dressing in my spare time in the privacy of my home.

I have a job that means i finish work at lunchtime on friday and so normally return home to get dressed up for an afternoon of fun in the chatrooms and on cam. I'd just got home one friday and there was a knock on the door, it was an old guy that i had seen around the area a little bit but did not know, he handed me a parcel apologising that he had started to open it before he realised it had gone to the wrong address. He lived at number 211 rather than my number 11. I thought nothing of it thanked him and went back inside. I was rather excited as i was a new maids outfit and wig that i had been hoping would arrive for friday. I put it on got made up and spent the afternoon having fun.

Not a lot happened until 2 weeks later i was getting some crisps on my way to work when i bumped into the guy again outside the shop, he struck up a conversation letting me know he was decorating at home, i was polite and said I must get off as i'm on my way to work. He told me no problem then mentioned my secret is safe with him, i blushed, he said its ok don;t worry then made it very clear to me that he needed a maid to tidy up for him as he decorated and that i was to be at his house by 2pm that afternoon.

I got through work my heart pounding and wondered if i could call his bluff, but i was very excited as well. 5 to 2 i knocked on his door he welcomed me in and told me to go and get changed he also told me his favourite lipstick colour is on the bathroom sink. I changed into the outfit hold ups high heeled knee boots and did make up as best i could then put on the very bright and deep red lippy he wad left out. I went downstairs and into the lounge where he was strippng wallpaper off the walls. I was complimented and told to make him a cuppa and then to tidy up his kitchen and do the dishes. He had a tone in his voice that said do it, so i did. Then i came back to the lounge gave him his tea and he handed me a stripping knife and said he was knackered so i would finish stripping the wall and wash it down so it would be ready to paint the next day. I could go when i had finished the wall, tidied up all the mess and hoovered up. I worked as hard as i could and finihsed the wall about 7pm. I had had to make lots of tea for him by then whilst he had watched telly watched me and texted on his phone.

He said i had done a good job and he would treat me to tea when i had washed the wall down. I did this and collected all the scraps of paper into a bin bag and hoovered up. He ordered pizza and then told me to go and put the bin bag in the bin round the side of his house. I froze that meant going outside. Do it i was ordered and i found myself outside before i knew what i was doing. I rushed back in and he told me i had done well today and i would make a good maid for him, he also told me that i should never hesitate in anything he asks me to do and i had done that about the bin. He explained calmly that i needed to be punished for that. First he took a lot of pictures of me telling me these would ensure I would be his maid then he told me to bend over and be spanked for hesitation.

I did as told and he spanked me half a dozen times. I went to stand up and he asked what i was doing i said i though u had finished, he said i would have if he had been thanked for the spanking, but as he had not he would need to punish me again. This time i got 12 and thanked him. my ass was sore as he did not hold back. Then the door went and he went to get the pizza, after a short while he called through vikki bring my wallet out of the kitchen i did this and handed it to him blushing as the pizza guy looked at me and tried to not laugh and then said she looks like a dirty maid. John, just laughed and said i'll see.

We then ate the pizza and had a beer when the door went again, go get it i was told, i did and 2 other guys in the 60's where there and marched in past me. They said that i looked like a lot of fun, i did not know what was going to happen but was so excited. At this point i was told i had 5 mins to get changed and leave as they were off to the club for the night. As i left i was told to return for 10am ready to serve as a maid for the rest of the weekend.

the rest of the weekend got very very demanding let me know if you want to hear it