Written by gaz

5 Feb 2015

hi im gaZ 48,AND gay and i like to cross dress in lingerie,im manly looking and acting,im a versatile guy,a friend introduced me to a tv called sue who was the same age and gay,i was invited up to kent for a drink at her house,one saturday evening,i was dressed in jeans and a loose top,with black thong,stockings and suspenders on,i had only chatted to sue on line so didnt know much about her,though my friend said she was pleasant and that she was funny with who she made friends with,i got there about 7pm,and knocked on the door,sue answered it,she had short hair,about 6"8 in heels,white blouse with black bra underneath,short stretchy skirt with stockings,we went into the living room and introduced ourselves.we chatted for hours,after a while sue said she wanted a relationship with someone and to see how it went,i said i would like to go out with you so could we give it a try,she said ok and i said will take you out in the week,as i got up to leave we stood in the hall way and i went to kiss her on the cheek,but she kissed my lips,we started tongue,her hand went to my crutch,so i ripped open her blouse and started to kiss her bra,after a whlie she took the blouse skirt off,wow i said at the lingerie,and huge cock,i stripped off and im not that big we went up stairs and lay on the bed playing,she then told me she was a top only and was going to fuck my arse till i couldnt walk,she lubed me up,and when she entered i screamed in pain which soon went,she fucked away for what seemed hours,and her staying power out done me,she took off the condom and made me gag before cumming in my mouth,we now see each other quite often