Written by Monika

14 Mar 2010

Getting Pulled by the Police (Fantasy)

It was a late night, when I was driving back from a no-show meet. Typical story, the guy said to meet him at a secret place and then after I had been waiting there for twenty minutes, sent me a text that something had come up and he had to call off the meet. I had made a lot of effort with my uniform (little pink tartan skirt, fishnet tights, white plimsolls, white t-shirt, red cardigan with yellow panties and matching bra) and to say I was fuming would be an understatement.

In a huff I got back into my car, and started the hour long drive home. I was driving quite fast while mentally contemplating lots of evil punishments for no-shows, and the angrier I got then the faster I drove. Suddenly I realised that a police car was coming up fast behind me and flashing its lights for me to pull over. I looked at my speed and realised that I had been (badly!) breaking the speed limit in a restricted zone. After contemplating for about a second whether I could go faster and lose the police I decided that I should pull over and try to get out of this embarrassing situation with the minimum of hassle.

I pulled into the next lay-by and sat in the car watching the policeman as he pulled up behind me and walked to my window. I lower the window with my heart in my mouth as a youngish man with a mope of dark hair talks to me.

“Do you know how fast you were going, love?”

I shake my head no, not trusting myself to speak.

“You were 24 miles over the speed limit. Do you have your driving licence with you?”

I shake my head again, hoping that he will just let me go. He sighs disappointedly and tells me to step out of the car.

“Is this your car madam?” I blush as he calls me madam and nod my head shyly and let out a small squeak “Yes”

“Well it’s just that we have had reports of this type of vehicle being used in a lot of robberies and we need to search the car and yourself”

He quickly looks inside the car to make sure there is nothing stolen inside, and then he takes a long look at me.

“I now need to search you madam. Please place both hands on the roof of your vehicle, while I search you”

I do as he tells me and put my hands obediently on the roof of the car. I can hear him approaching behind me and can smell his aftershave. I can feel his breathe on my neck as his hands go through my hair. Next he searches my arms, checks my back and then my chest and stomach. He crouches down behind me and slowly checks my left leg from the ankle all the way to the hem of my skirt. As his hand moves up near my panties I let out a small excited squeak. He repeats the procedure on my right leg and again as he approaches my panties I let out another small squeak of excitement. I feel the policeman’s hand on the front of my panties briefly, feeling my clit and before I know it he moves his hand away.

The policeman tells me that I have to go to his patrol car to fill out some paperwork. I follow him back admiring his tight bum in his trousers trying to ignore my own growing excitement. He opens the back door for me and I sit down expecting him to come around the other side and sort out the paperwork. He pushes me gently on my back so I am laid on the rear seat of the car. I look at him nervously but he just smiles at me and whispers to me to relax.

My sexy copper pushes my knees up so I am hugging them tight to my chest so my ass and cock is exposed to him. He starts by planting small kisses on my ass as well as my little clitty and balls. The other door opens and I look up shocked to see blonde policeman standing there, who I hadn’t even seen. He quickly unzips his trousers and lets his cock flop out. I grin sluttishly at him and then open my mouth willingly to him. Meanwhile I can feel a keen and willing tongue pushing my panties to one side and poking at my asshole and trying to stick as much of it as possible in there.

He moves closer to me and starts to insert his semi hard cock into my ass. The back seat is quite tight but after a short while he starts to gently fuck my hole, getting harder with every stroke and putting more of his cock in my tight hole. I let out little yelps every time he thrusts into me and I hear him shutting his side door to shield us from the road. My sexy blonde cop started slipping his lovely smooth cock into my mouth causing me to gag slightly in delight. Once he gets into the rhythm he moves deeper into the car and closes his door so we are all in a tight enclosed space.

Both of them are giving me a good hard fucking and I can hear both of them grunting as they start fucking me faster and faster. The windows are all steamed up and it is soo hot in there, that my uniform is clinging to my body, and I am letting out muffled yelps every time they thrust their lovely cocks inside me. My own little cock is solid hard and I want to touch myself to make myself cum but I also want them to fill me full of their hot spunk.

The sexy policeman giving my mouth a good work out suddenly pushes his cock deep into my mouth and moans loudly. I feel his spunk shoot down my throat and I swallow as much as I can. Some of it clings to my tongue and lips, dripping onto the seat. He smiled at me and put his cock back in his trousers, and goes back outside for some air.

I moan loudly as I feel my ass getting pummelled faster and faster. I groan loudly as I feel his hand encompass my cock and start to rub it slowly. I am yelping loudly and tweaking and teasing my own hard erect nipples. He moans loudly and withdraws, letting the first shoots of spunk fly against my hole and clitty before pushing his cock back into my hole and shooting the remainder of it into my asshole. I squeal as I cum heard, mixing my spunk and his spunk together and making a terrible mess of my uniform. I grab a large dollop of spunk on my finger and swallow it with him watching,

He smiles at me and helps me up. As he walks me back to the car, he whispers in my ear “The other guy never knew you were a TV”, and I blush and realise that this is true as for most of the time when I was getting spit roasted, my skirt was covering my erection and I am sure anyway that the only thing he was concentrating on was my blowjob skills.

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