Written by bluecd

12 Mar 2014

Being my usually horny, girly self, I dressed and headed off to the small copse on the A68 heading to Corbridge about a mile before Royal Oak lay-by.

I wore an off the shoulder see-through white blouse, black pleated skirt, suspender belt, black seamed nylons and patent-leather buckle shoes with a small heel. No panties of course, and I went pre-lubed. My red lippy and eye makeup completed my transformation into Davinia.

Reaching the wooded area I parked across the road from the ‘gated’ entrance and made my way into the wooded area. I looked around the abandoned toilet block; alas no one was in occupation so I made my way across to one of the picnic tables and settled down, prepared to wait 20 minutes or so to see if any action was forthcoming.

After about 10 minutes I saw a cyclist walking wheeling his bicycle down the path from the road, he obviously had not seen me at this time. Propping his bicycle against a tree he proceeded to unzip his shorts and commenced peeing. Even from where I sat I could ascertain that he had a rather handsome looking cock, about 4 to 5 inches slack, he was a rather good looking blonde boy and looked about 17 to 20.

I sat entranced by this vision displaying his tasty looking manhood.

I bucked up the courage to draw his attention to me, “Guess you needed that” I said in my sexiest voice.

He practically jumped; half turned and attempted to get his cock back inside his cycling shorts. “Sorry Mrs” he stuttered.

“No worry, and sorry to disappoint you but I am not a Mrs, I am a transvestite or cross-dresser” I replied.

He looked at me in a quizzical manner before asking “You are a man?”.

He walked across to where I was sat and sat facing me. I could tell his interest was certainly piqued and so I ventured to break the ice. “Come far, is your girlfriend following behind you?”.

“Darlington and I do not have a girlfriend” he replied.

“No girlfriend, a good looking boy like you, they must be plenty of girls dying to spend time with you surely”.

“Yes but I am not interested in girls, I’m into cycling and hiking”.

Not into girls, was that a subtle signal I wondered. Taking the bull by the horns I said “I know what you mean, I am more into good looking young blonde boys, if you get my drift”.

He nodded his head. I got up and walked round to his side of the table and stood in front of him. “Would you like to have a little bit of fun?”

“I never really been with anybody”

At this I thought it wise to do an age check; he said he was 19 year old.

“Well there is nothing to worry about, I’m Davinia, just do what you want to enjoy yourself, no hassle. If you want to kiss me, kiss me, if you want to lift my skirt and play with me just do ii, I will play with your cock if you want, I will suck and kiss it and if you want to make love to me I will let you, because I am here to please you. Or you can get on your bike and ride off: it is entirely your choice”.

He stood up, my heart sank, I thought he was going to head off. “Can I kiss you?” he asked. With that I leant into him and our lips met, about 5 seconds into the kiss his tongue started to probe into my mouth and we commenced about 5 minutes of French kissing. I pressed into him, god his cock was solid as a rock and I guessed a good 7 to 8 inches.

He was now very horny, running his hands over my pert backside and up and under my skirt, he reached my engorged clit, he withdrew his hand as if surprised, then replaced it and started to work me.

“My dear boy, I am supposed to be doing that to you. Let me get that monster out of those tight shorts, it must be painful”. With that I unzipped his shorts and tugged them down, his cock sprang loose, it was magnificent, a slight coating of pre-cum was evident. He stepped out of his shorts and I went down onto his young cock. His pre-cum was like nectar and I proceeded to suck, kiss and lick his rampant manhood. This heaven lasted no more than 3 minutes at which time he proceeded to spurt his cream all over my face, in my mouth, my eyes, my nose, and there seemed buckets of it.

I sucked his cock clean and stood up, taking my wipes from my little goody bag and cleaned myself up. I bent down and kissed him and said thank you sweetie, expecting him to dress and head off.

But no, his manhood was still rock hard and looked as if it could still do a girl some damage. “What shall we do to get rid of that” I said as I eyed his beautiful one-eyed monster.

“Can I put it in you” he asked almost pleadingly.

Well what can a girl say? I swiftly produced a condom and rolled it over his cock, applied more lube to my man-pussy and asked him if he wanted me to bend over or whether he wanted to fuck me with me laid on my back. He wanted me on my back. God I love it when they want me on my back, it is so lady-like. Laid down on the picnic table and, opening my legs, I guided his cock to my entrance and he started to push his way inside me. It was difficult and so we stopped, applied more lube to the condom and my man-pussy and tried again. It was heaven to hear the “plop” as he eventually entered me. Slowly but surely he work his monster into me and he commenced to fuck me. It was simply heaven, here I was, in the woods, on my back, legs akimbo being fucked senseless by a handsome, blonde, well-endowed young man. Age s’ advantages, and stamina is obviously one of them, this, coupled with the fact that he had climaxed previously, meant he fucked me for a good 20 minutes before he was fully sated.

He pulled out, bloody hell he was still hard.

He pulled on his shorts and walked to his bicycle and headed off, nothing being said as a way of thanks.

I just laid there thinking about the last hour or so, my pussy was sore, I had not climaxed myself, but I had pleased ‘my man’ and that is all a girl wants to do, bloody brilliant. It was only then that I realised I did not know his name!

100% true, what a lucky, lucky girl I am

Davinia xxxx