Written by natathome1975

12 Apr 2011

hello i would like to tell you of something that happened recently that has got me here to write this story.

It started on a monday evening last summer when I was upstairs in the spare front room tidying up the tools I had been useing earlier that day as I casualy looked accross the road I saw our neighbour standing in her bedroom with the lights on and she was naked, as it was still early I thought it was a little daft to have the light on but she was trying on differnt dresses and I suppose it gave better light to see what she was doing.

Now as i was slightly away from the window and my room was darker inside to the light outside I was obscured slightly and enjoying the show which was like what the butler saw but on a wider scale, she was trying dress after dress and admiring herself and then taking them back off again all the time showing me the nice pair of tits that she has, she is slightly older than me by about 10 years size i would say about a 14 and 5`5" with short coloured hair half white and part brown.

I was treated to this show till I was called upon by the other half that there was a programe on at 21.00 that looks good so my viewing upstairs was too be cut short, but I was rewarded later as I had got excited by the viewing up there when we went to bed later I got to slip her a length in the back room where we sleep, she was happy and so had I been twice that night.

The next day I was due to go to work later in the day and my other half had already left for work that my neighbour from last night knocked to ask me to help her fix her hoover which has just died on her and her hubby had gone off to play bowls and she needed to get things done, so armed with a few bits I popped over to hers, now I was nieve at this stage as I could not see where this was going but she had waited till my half and her half were gone before she called over in a nice dress and pinny on and stockings or tights and heels on her feet.

On entering she asked if i wanted tea or coffee and the hoover was upstairs in the room I had been viewing her last night, oh shit she had seen me, she than asked did I enjoy the view and what had I seen?.

Now I was in deep brown stuff and no paddle, so there I was standing in the hallway shocked and embaressed and all she done was go into the kitchen and make tea for us both, on her return she said well then are you going to fix the hoover upstairs or not, so I climbed them slowly with her in front carrying the drinks and my head was down but my eyes were fixed on her legs it was then I then noticed they were seams going up her thighs, embarisment,shock and now excitment and lust what the f--k was going to happen next.

The bedroom at the front was her`s and true enough there was a hoover in there, she asked me to sit on the bed and did I want both her hubby and my wife to know that there was a peeking tom and how would my employer take the news but she then lifted her dress to reveal stockings and no knickers and said lick this for me so me being me and a fanny in front of my face I took the bait and lent forward and kissed it when she opened her legs to let me see more and yes did take more ( fool).

there I was trully caught with womanly charms, after licking for a short while she closed her legs and said well then take all your clothes off and in record time they were off and I was naked and she was still dressed as she was but she then turned and bent forward to lift her dress and show me her bum and said lick that also, so agian away I went and did as she asked licking al the way up her crack and rimming her hole, but again she stopped me and asked if I would mind if she dressed me in some stockings and lingerie as she liked it as she had bi sexual tendacies, now here was a woman dressed as she was and I had lust ouzing from every pore and she wanted me in stockings and lingerie and I thought as I like all of them and I do it secrtly bring it on, so there I was being dressed by her in what I liked to have sex with her ( died and gone to heaven was a first thought ) but once dressed in black suspender and stockings she then started to demand that I do some hoovering first to see how it looked and low and behold the hoover worked as if by magic.

nat xx

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