Written by Samantha

20 Nov 2017

I left school with 2 average ‘A’ levels, not enough to go to university, just as my older brother left uni with a first in engineering so he joined dads company while I went off to polytechnic. I started an HNC in engineering but found I had a real talent for computer programming so I after 3 years I had HNC’s in both engineering and programming. Every weekend was spent at dad’s company ‘learning the trade’ so rather than being paid I asked dad to get me a car. He brought me a beat up little mini, but I loved it.

I could now drive to the playing field carpark and sit in the car like all the other blokes. This made it a lot more comfortable on cold and wet nights while waiting to be picked up. It also made it possible to put some girl clothes in the boot so that I could dress whenever possible.

I had suppressed the need to dress up since about the age of 6 when, after being chastised for wearing a woman’s dress at a nativity at school, by mum and dad I realised that it was wrong to put on clothes of the other gender, or as dad put it, ‘be a sissy’.

So there I was one warm summers night, quite late and quite dark. Wearing a black dress black tights bra stuffed with socks and a really bad black wig. Keys in the car ignition to make a quick getaway if it looked like it was going wrong.

A gentleman who I had met before recognised me and walked up to the car, I dropped the window and started to talk to him, I had spoken to people in the car many times but for the first time a second man joined us to talk and after a short time a third joined us. We chatted for a good while with the occasional hand through the window for a grope, then man number 2 suggested we go for a walk.

It took me a few seconds to think about this, I only knew the first chap, he was ok but wondered about the dangers of going with all three, (by now I had given up boxing and thanks to Bruce Lee and David Carradine, I had been studying kung-fu for about 2 years. So, I thought I could probably handle any problem that arose) so I agreed. There I was hobbling in my heals with three blokes to the place where the mattress was in the woods.

By the time we reached the mattress, I had 2 hands up my dress fondling my arse and a finger pushed into the hole. I dropped to my knees and quickly had 3 cocks trying there hardest to get into my mouth, bliss. Number one whom I already knew pulled away, put a condom on and quickly had his cock in my hole, we had met several times and he knew that by now I did not do bareback, this was not because of aids, that was about a year away, but because I enjoyed swallowing cum but didn’t like the inevitable taste of shit on a cock after its been up you.

So, I was being fucked hard, wanking one cock while sucking hard on another, for the first but definitely not the last time, the mattress played its part as I was placed in several positions the best is I think always on my back with my legs round his neck being fucked like a woman. The kung-fu training had made me quite supple and at the time I could do both the splits and stand on one leg while putting the other straight up against the side of my head, (can only do the splits now) so I could be put in some strange positions for a deep fuck.

Number one was ready to cum so he pulled out and was replaced by number three, but he didn’t last long because as soon as he saw number one cum in my mouth he just lost it and let go into the condom, shame, number two was a star and just carried on thrusting his cock into my spunky mouth as one and three left. I asked two to fuck me, but he said ‘no’, but I couldn’t get him to cum, he was as hard as rock, and my throat was red raw but he just carried on, it must have been a good three quarter of an hour before he finally shot and it was huge, it was like a hose pipe and marvellous.

When he finally finished, bless him, he helped me up, as I had been on my knees for about 45 minutes and walked with me in my heals back to the car, we were the last two cars in the carpark so he gave me a quick kiss and headed off, what a gentleman.

I was now about 21 and had not yet fucked a girl, but this was about to change very soon.